Why every cyclist can benefit from combining indoor and outdoor cycling
Reason 1:

You can now get the forces of outdoor cycling indoors

Our TrueForce technology precisely replicates the forces experienced in outdoor cycling, ensuring a natural and realistic indoor ride. 

Feel the difference as you unleash your power on climbs and sprints without slipping through the pedals, and experience the natural coasting sensation when you stop pedaling – just like on the road. 

Reason 2:

Indoor + outdoor training = ultimate strength​

By combining indoor and outdoor training, you can maximise your performance and technique. Training indoors allows you to perform interval training and cadence drills to improve power and technique, while outdoor cycling improves endurance. 

Reason 3:

Indoor is ideal for specific sessions

The reason why top-end coaches will ask their pro riders to do training sessions on the indoor trainer is that it’s simply a better environment for specific training sessions.

Whether it’s doing hard intervals or experimenting with high RPM drills, riders can maximize their efforts and achieve targeted results more effectively indoors.

Reason 4:

Indoor is so much safer

One of the main advantages of doing power sessions indoors is safety. With no traffic, unpredictable weather conditions, or road hazards to contend with, riders can focus solely on their workout without putting their safety in the hands of drivers along the route. 

Reason 5:

Indoor is more time-efficient

When out on a short ride, a significant portion of your valuable training time is often consumed by navigating through the urban landscape to reach your desired route.

However, on the TrueBike and TrueTrainer, you can immediately start pedalling into the virtual worlds of Zwift or Rouvy. This uninterrupted flow makes indoor riding more efficient, with most coaches estimating that an outdoor workout should be 25-35% longer than an indoor ride to be comparable in terms of total effort. 

Reason 6:

You stay present at home

Indoor cycling lets you exercise at home while being present with your family. Parents can keep an eye on their children while prioritizing their own health and fitness. You can set up the indoor bike in a common area or use nap times for a quick ride, making it a flexible and convenient option for busy parents.

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