Virtual Tour de France: Watch the Tour on Zwift from July 4

Virtual Tour de France: Watch the Tour on Zwift from July 4

This is the first year since World War II in which the Tour de France was postponed or canceled. Now we need to wait until August 29 for the Tour. In the meantime, you can watch a virtual version of the Tour de France on the weekends of July. Read where you can watch this unique virtual tour.

From July 4, you can watch different virtual stages in Zwift. In collaboration with race organizers, Zwift broadcasts the virtual tour on  TV in more than 130 countries! Christian Prudhomme, the director of the  Tour de France, is very happy with this collaboration: “I cannot imagine the month of July without cycling,”

6 stages in 3 weekends

Every weekend there are two stages, including 23 men’s pros and 17 women’s pros. The tour starts in Watopia. This virtual cycling paradise has had an upgrade, so it can represent the French town of Nice. Zwift made some new cycling maps/places for the occasion, including Northeast France, Southwest France, Mont Ventoux, and of course: Paris Champs-Elysées!

Women and men cycle the same stages

To encourage equality, men and women cycle the same stages, the same routes, and the same distance. Women will also get the same broadcast time as men. Watch and ride! You can watch the tour here online.

Would you like to cycle the same stages as the pros? You can cycle the same routes after the tour is completed by the pros.

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Virtual tour calendar:

Stage 1, July 4: Nice, 36.4KM
Stage 2, July 5: Nice, 29.5KM
Stage 3, July 11: Northeast France, 48KM
Stage 4, July 12: Southwest France, 45.8KM
Stage 5, July 18: Mont Ventoux, 22.9KM
Stage 6, July 19: Paris Champs-Elysées, 42.8KM