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Number 1 triathlon channel on Youtube

Global Triathlon Network

TrueKinetix is the official indoor training partner of the Global Triathlon Network (GTN). GTN is the leading broadcasting platform on youtube for triathlon enthusiasts across the globe and is part of the world-famous Global Cycling Network (GCN). It provides informative and engaging content on training, race strategies, and expert reviews, making it the preferred channel for triathletes of all levels, from beginners to amateur athletes. The show is presented by (former) athletes Mark Threfall, Heather Fell, and Fraser Cartmell, who we are proud to support with TrueBike and TrueTrainer for their indoor training and indoor cycling content production for GTN.

Olympic speedskating team

Team IKO

TrueKinetix and Team IKO joined forces in pursuit of gold at the 2026 Olympic Games in Milan, aiming to enhance training for their elite athletes and Olympic hopefuls Joy Beune, Bart Swings, and Sebas Diniz. 

“From the first test ride on TrueKinetix’s trainers, it became clear that they are unlike any others. The workouts closely simulate outdoor experiences, effectively targeting specific muscle groups. The added benefit of the TrueTrainer’s lightweight design, at just 15kg, is crucial with our frequent travels to international competitions.”- Martin Ten Hove, Co-founder Team IKO.

Olympic speedskating team

Team IKO

Patrick Roest is a two-time World champion and three-time European champion allround speedskating. At the World Championship Distances in March 2023, Roest became world champion on an individual distance for the first time. The speed skater also won two world titles in Team Pursuit. In addition, Roest is good for three silver medals at the Olympics (1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters).

“I am constantly striving to improve, and as a skater, I spend a lot of time cycling. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to cycle outside, especially in places like Calgary where there is a lot of snow. However, with the TrueTrainer, I can do my cycling training indoors, and it feels just like I’m cycling outside. Moreover, its small size and weight make it easy to take with me on trips!”

Olympic & World Champion
Road Cycling

Anna van der Breggen

Anna van der Breggen is a decorated Dutch professional road racing cyclist. Over a decade-long career, she has dominated prestigious races like the Giro Rosa and La Flèche Wallonne Feminine. She secured a gold medal at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, as well as the Word Championships and European Championships. Van der Breggen has been recognized for her sportsmanship with multiple awards and her advocacy for women’s cycling. Although she retired from professional cycling herself, she remains closely involved with sport as she leads the SDX Worx Cycling Team, and continues to ride for fun outdoors and indoors.

“As a professional cyclist, I spent a lot of time on traditional indoor trainers and from that experience, I can say that the TrueKinetix TrueBike feels just like outdoor cycling.” – Anna van der Breggen

The top-tier

Matt Russell

TrueKinetix is supporting Matt Russell in his triathlon training by providing him with the TrueBike and TrueTrainer, which are helping him to increase his training effectiveness and strength through science. Matt Russell has been a top-tier triathlete for over a decade, and he has earned first place at Ironman Lake Placid, as well as many podium wins. He is known for his humility in the triathlon world and beyond, and he is also an ambassador for the ALS Foundation. In memory of his mother, who passed away because of ALS, he always races with the foundation’s logo on his suit.