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Not just another indoor trainer

Powered by the award-winning TrueForce Technology, our products are built around an innovative second-generation force-generating unit.  
The only trainer on the market to generate resistance with a powerful motor and smart robotics. 

Gamechanger 1:
No flywheel

Natural indoor cycling

The TrueTrainer measures 10,000 times per second and accurately simulates the forces and resistances of outdoor cycling, making each ride on the TrueTrainer more similar to the feel of a road bike ride. The flexible frame adds lateral movement for a more realistic and comfortable cycling experience.

Gamechanger 2:
Spot-on pedal force

Stronger through Science

By generating resistance via robotics and a strong motor, our trainers have no limitations determined by the weight of a flywheel. You’ll notice that you can fully exert your power on the climbs and sprints without falling through the pedals. As a result, your muscles are better activated, and you build more muscle mass. Whether you want to ride during the winter, get fit, or want to smash your next race, the TrueTrainer offers you an all-around workout that helps you achieve your goals.

TrueTrainer is a truly a surprising cycling indoor trainer. I have been using it for several weeks, mostly with Trainerroad in ERG mode. It offers impressive resistance levels considering its lightweight design, making it a great option for those who want to get a proper and challenging workout without sacrificing portability.

Clive Ebejer

Real gains with the TrueTrainer

I was looking for an upgrade to my old trainer to keep working out in the winter and ended up with TrueKinetix’s TrueTrainer. It does not disappoint. The cycling experience is really better than my old trainer. I feel like I’m able to release more power. Fortunately, it also connects smoothly with Zwift and I can go all out on Zwift.


A realistic bike that’s advanced and fully adjustable

From Dutch soil, a company that’s innovating in the cycling world! A realistic bike trainer that’s quiet, advanced, fully adjustable, and features a clear screen for all your data. Impressive!


The Science of TrueForce Technology

The TrueForce Technology features a powerful motor and robotics that measures and adapts 10,000 times per second the resistance it puts out to offer a much more realistic workout but also engages the muscles used in outdoor cycling. Other indoor trainers feature a flywheel that is a factor of 10-20 times too light which makes it less realistic and trains the wrong muscles.

Gamechanger 3:
Virtual Gears

Try any gearset without changing your cassette

Customize your gearset without changing your cassette with the unique Virtual Gears feature. Switch effortlessly between a gear set for the mountains or a flat road to get the best out of your workout. With Virtual Gears, you can also ride with the gears of your favorite road bike. Select up to 400 different gearsets in the TrueKinetix app. The supplied cassette maximizes the TrueForce technology and makes an 18T sprocket feel like a 30T sprocket.

The TrueTrainer has a slate of innovations we simply haven’t seen before

Gamechanger 4:
designed for movement

Built-in rocking motion

Ride naturally, comfortably, and longer. Featuring a flexible and lightweight frame, that is designed to allow for natural side-to-side movements to alleviate saddle soreness and activate the inner core muscles used to stabilize your body, just like if you were cycling outside.

Trusted by Olympic athletes

“The TrueForce technology feels just like cycling outside on a road bike”
Anna van der Breggen
Olympic Champion Road Cycling
Gamechanger 5:
Optimized for Zwift

Enjoy Zwift to the max

The TrueTrainer is fully optimized for Zwift, elevating the Zwift experience to new heights.

  • ERG soft start: Ease into your power workouts with gradual and smoother transitions tween intervals. Even from a standstill, the TrueTrainer allows you to roll from the very first pedal strokes.
  • Zwift-over-WIFI: Experience the most stable connection to Zwift ever to ride without interruptions.
  • Heart-rate-pass-through: The TrueTrainer channels the heart rate of ANT+ heart rate monitors to Zwift without the need for an extra transmitter.
Gamechanger 6:
Only 15 kg

Half the weight, double the punch

Weighing at just 15 kilograms (33 lbs), the TrueTrainer can be easily transported. Moreover, its compact design enables easy storage after training.

Gamechanger 7:

Groundbreaking connectivity

The TrueTrainer connects to all virtual cycling platforms, smartwatches and  cycling computers through BlueTooth and ANT+

We are sure that the TrueTrainer is a good solution for everyone who wants to train better. If this is not the case for you, the TrueTrainer can be returned within 30 days. Order here

Available models

TrueTrainer 4.2

Experience the essentials of TrueForce Technology.

TrueTrainer 6.2

The well- equipped TrueTrainer to take your indoor training to the next level with Virtual Gears.

TrueTrainer 8.2

The premium indoor trainer for cordless riding and virtual Gears,  and is equipped with HDMI and USB ports.

Compare TrueTrainers

TrueTrainer 4.2TrueTrainer 6.2TrueTrainer 8.2
Max power2000 watt2600 watt2600 watt
Max incline20%26%26%
Accuracy power measurements1.0%0.5%0.5%
ERG soft start
Virtual Gears + Cassettex
Ride cordlessxx
HDMI portxx
Retail price incl. VAT€1.049€1.299€1.699