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Exclusive launch: TrueShifters

Experience the ultra-smooth performance of an electronic shifting system and access over 400 gear combinations on any road bike with just the touch of a button. Now available for a limited time only.

Game-changer 1:
virtual shifting

Seamless shifting experience

The TrueShifters transform any road bike into one with an electronic shifting system, providing seamless shifting and a quiet cycling experience.

Gamechanger 2:
Virtual gears

Customize your gears

Your indoor training is not limited by your road bike anymore. With TrueKinetix virtual shifting, you can now select every virtual gear set without changing your cassette or crankset across all platforms.

Virtual gears
Gamechanger 3:
No extra fees

No need for extra software, hardware or subscriptions

The TrueShifters can be used without additional software, hardware or subscriptions.

Gamechanger 4:
wide compatibility

Compatible with all platforms

Use any platform of your choice with the TrueShifters. Customize gears and shift on Zwift, Rouvy, Bkool, and many other platforms.

Gamechanger 5:
Spot-on pedal force

Stronger through Science

Pair the TrueShifters with the TrueTrainer or TrueBike for an incredibly immersive indoor cycling experience. The TrueTrainer and TrueBike utilize robotics and a powerful motor to create the most realistic pedal force and muscle activation, while the TrueShifters deliver a seamlessly smooth shifting experience.

Take the next step

Upgrade your indoor training to a full TrueTrainer and TrueShifter setup or purchase our TrueShifters as a loose set.


Seamless, fast, and quiet shifting for all road bikes. If you already use the TrueTrainer or TrueBike, you can purchase a set of TrueShifters.

TrueTrainer 6.2 + TrueShifters

The well-equipped TrueTrainer comes with virtual gears and a set of TrueShifters.

TrueTrainer 8.2 + TrueShifters

The premium indoor train includes a built-in battery for cordless training and virtual gear shifting, HDMI and USB ports, as well as TrueShifters.

We are sure that the TrueShifters are a good solution for everyone who wants to train better. If this is not the case for you, the TrueShifters can be returned within 30 days. Order here