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New: Virtual Oval Chainrings

The TrueBike is equipped with the world’s first virtual oval chainrings. Popularized by professional cyclists and loved by recreational cyclists, the oval shape makes pedaling smoother, more efficient, and more powerful. Choose between the oval chainrings of leading brands Rotor and Osymmetric, or simulate your own oval chainrings by customizing the optimum chainring position. 

The true road feel with TrueForce Technology

The TrueBike is an indoor smart bike that uses TrueForce Technology to provide a realistic and dynamic cycling experience. It offers a super smooth road feel, better muscle activation, and resistances up to 2600 watts. With various training modes and an industry-leading power measurement accuracy of 0.5%, it’s perfect for intense workouts. Moreover, the TrueBike can replicate the sensation and experience of oval chainrings from leading brands Rotor and Osymmetric.

Indoor bike with view on the wrokout screen from behind

Track & optimize your performance

Achieve your fitness goals with ease using TrueBike. It offers over 30 metrics, 5 data layouts, and a pedal force graph to analyze your technique. Your workout data is securely stored in the TrueKinetix cloud for easy access on your phone. The TrueBike Base allows you to access your data via the TrueKinetix app or on an external monitor.

Virtual Shifting

The TrueBike is equipped with an advanced electronic shifting system that offers quick gear changes for a seamless riding experience. With its unique Virtual  Shifting feature, you can access 400 different virtual gearsets to suit your training needs, whether you’re tackling flat routes or hills. Select your desired gearsets in the TrueKinetix app, and the TrueBike simulates your new gearsets. Virtual Shifting offers a new way to make your rides more effective and challenging.

Electric shifting on the TrueBike

Connect to virtual cycling worlds

Connect to virtual cycling worlds and race against other cyclists in real-time. The TrueBike has a lightning-fast connection to all cycling platforms via Bluetooth, WIFI and ANT+ and adjusts the resistance and gradients accordingly to your virtual routes so you can focus on your ride.

TrueTrainer apps

Sleek Road Bike Design for comfort & performance

The TrueBike is designed to enhance comfort & performance.  It features a frame of high-quality steel and covers of at least 70% recycled plastics which is only 3.5cm thick and shaped like a road bike.  Measuring 162cm in length, 57cm in width, and 80cm in height, the TrueBike’s compact design ensures it will fit seamlessly into any room or workout space. Due to the flexible properties of the frame, the Truebike moves with you like a rocker plate, mimicking the outdoor cycling experience perfectly when climbing or sprinting.

Generate your own energy

As you train, the TrueBike converts your energy output into power to keep itself running, making it a more sustainable alternative to smart bikes that need to be plugged in. The TrueBike Base features a USB port that lets you charge other devices with your self-generated energy like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or monitor while you ride. In addition, you can set up the TrueBike anywhere as you are not bound to a power outlet.

Saddle height TrueBike

Easy to share with family & friends

Share the indoor cycling with up to 5 users. With easy adjustments to the seat post and aero bar, riders of all sizes can enjoy a comfortable ride. Whether you’re a family or a group of friends, TrueBike’s adjustable frame allows everyone to start indoor cycling and improve their fitness. In addition, The TrueKinetix app allows you and other users to seamlessly continue your training without the need to log in again.

Customizable to fit your needs.

Customize your TrueBike to suit your needs with our range of accessories and add-ons. Choose from a selection of cranks ranging from 160 mm to 175 mm, seatposts, pedals, and triathlon-specific items like tri bars and extra bottle cages.

TrueBike tri bars

TrueBike for every lifestyle

We have two models available designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

The TrueBike is a fully equipped model that is perfect for everyone, from novice cyclists to seasoned cyclists, which includes a high-resolution display, +30 training metrics, including the pedal force graph, left-right balance, and connects to virtual training platforms via Bluetooth, ANT+, WiFi and features an intuitive navigation panel.

The TrueBike base is the entry-level option that suits cyclists who need an even smaller model in their home or prefer less training data. This model excludes the display, certain advanced metrics like the pedal force graph, and WiFi connection to virtual training platforms. However, you can unlock these features with our software upgrade package.

Experience it yourself 

Order the TrueBike at our webshop or at one of our dealers. Want to try out the TrueBike before you buy? Book a free 60-minute discovery ride at our test center, at your home, or visit one of our dealers.

Compare TrueBikes

TrueBike Base TrueBike
TrueForce Technnology
Virtual gears
Live training data via TrueKinetix app
ANT+ and Bluetooth for Zwift, Rouvy, etc.
WiFi connection to Zwift, Rouvy, etc. Upgrade
Left-right balance and pedal force graph Upgrade
Live training data on display HDMI port to plug in own display(Upgrade) High-resolution display included

Check out our videos

Learn more about the TTrueBike and how it can upgrade your indoor training and your gains.
New to indoor cycling? Watch our step-by-step instructional videos to get started with your TrueBike. 

Trusted by Olympic athletes

“The TrueForce technology feels just like cycling outside on a road bike”
Anna van der Breggen
Olympic Champion Road Cycling

TrueBike feels like cycling outdoors

The TrueBike feels like cycling outdoors. With my previous trainer I felt numb after each session. I jump much easier on the TrueBike and it gives me the flexibility that I need to squeeze in my training hours.

Jorrit Kelderman

The TrueBike offers unprecedented opportunities!

The TrueBike exceeds my expectations. What technical ingenuity! Best bike purchase to date.Regardless of weather and time of day, still the feeling of cycling outside in an environment of your own choosing with, among other things, the Zwift app. Very customer-friendly and service-oriented helpdesk. Everything can be adjusted online!Beautiful design, jewel in the house

Marianne Colaris

The TrueBike is a real game-changer!

This bike is a real game-changer! As fanatic Zwifter I am always looking for the most realistic indoor experience and this bike mimics every pedal stroke exactly. You’ll have to try it to believe it. After I tried the Truebike, all other indoor trainers became irrelevant.

Wouter Born

We are confident that the TrueBike is a good solution for everyone who wants to train better. If this is not the case for you, the TrueBike can be returned within 30 days. Order here

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