Set your goals, and then crush them

To start training on a TrueBike isn’t a one time decision. Every single day you will choose to never accept anything less than the perfect simulation of your outdoor rides. This way, every training truly adds up to exceeding your goals.

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Meet the TrueBike

TrueBike isn’t just another indoor training solution. Indoor training isn’t hard because it is warm or boring. It’s hard because right now it’s very different from cycling. And deep down your body knows this. Get on a TrueBike and feel the real resistance. Training just got fun again!

Our story

Powerful resistance

We realized that realistic simulation comes from maximum resistive force, not from maximum absorbed power. So we optimized our bike to give you the most realistic force feedback. And of course it can easily absorb 1500 Watts even when you climb at 10 km/h (6 mph).

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'This really feels like cycling outdoors'

Former pro cyclist Maarten Tjallingii about the TrueBike at RTL Z


The most important feature of the TrueBike is its brain. A brain so smart that combined with the powerful motor, it mimics outdoor resistance on your pedals perfectly.

Whether those forces stem from the gears you selected, your weight, inclination or the wind against you, no combination is out of reach. It uses sophisticated algorithms to learn from your individual pedal strokes to further optimize its motor.

  • Thousands of measurements per second
  • Self-learning system
  • Direct force feedback
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Realistic geometry

We took a road bike crank with normal Q factor so you ride with your feet together as opposed to how they are on a spinning bike. Also, we put some flex in the frame, because your road bike isn’t built out of 4 by 4 steel bars either.

The TrueBike comes fully equipped and is adjustable to your personal preferences. We created a no nonsense frame that remained true to a realistic outdoor bike, proportions and dimensions. The seat and handle bars can be adjusted to mimic road bikes and time-trial bikes ranging in sizes from S to XL.

True crank sizes

On ordering, let us know what your road bike crank size is. 170 – 172.5 – 175 mm, we’ve got it covered.


— Rob Barel, Ironman Hawaii age group world record holder


Bike frame and gear

  • Independent height and set back of saddle due to straight angles
  • Independent height and reach adjustment
  • Crank sizes 170 – 172.5 – 175 mm
  • Roadbike-crank with Q-factor
  • Exchangeable saddle


  • Max 1500 Watt resistance
  • 15% incline and descend
  • Select from multiple workouts or build your own
  • Create your own account on the TrueBike
  • Basic: 22 gears (53, 36) x (11 t/m 23).In your TrueAthletes account you can choose from different sets:- 53, 39 x 12 t/m 25
    – 52, 36 x 11 t/m 27
    – 50, 34 x 11 t/m 30
    – 53, 39, 30 x 11 t/m 32

Data and connectivity

  • Velocity, distance, time, elevation, power, cadence
  • Select 2 graphs from 30 fields
  • View history
  • Connect ANT+ HR monitor
  • Supports ANT+ FE-C protocol (for BigRingVR, Zwift, TrainerRoad, …)


  • Licensed software updates

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Sebastiaan Bleekemolen on the TrueBike

30 Days Free Trial

We know that you’ll get faster on the bike and that you’ll enjoy your indoor training a lot. That’s why we give you a 30 Day Free Trial: You’ll love it, or return it. We will give you a refund of the full purchase price

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