Train at home to work on your core-stability

Train at home to work on your core-stability in only 15 minutes

As you probably know, your cycling power is not only from the legs. Since you’re spending a lot of time at home, it’s a perfect time to do more exercises to improve your core-stability. It will burn, we know, but it will improve your posture and flexibility.

Below you’ll find a quick reminder of core exercises that will help you improve your cycling results. Repeat these exercises twice a week for the best result.

Core-stability with different exercises

1. Crunches
2. Bicycle crunches (of course)
3. Side crunch
4. Russian twist (with or without a weight)
5. Planking. You can do the normal plank, but also on your left and right arm
6. Superman

Use video’s to make it easier

You can use different YouTube channels to train with a coach. To keep you motivated, they use nice music lists too. View an example below.

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