There is now a digital scratch card for your Strava activities in the Benelux

Do you cycle through a lot of towns in The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg? On the website ‘Long Term NL Challenge‘ you can make your personal scratch card to see in which towns you have been cycling. The challenge is to get a full scratch card.

How does it work?

You need to connect your Strava account with the website. The website generates a card with your Strava data. Every town you cycle through, gets an orange colour. You need to update your card so now and then, to see how many towns you still need to visit. As you can see in the picture above, our colleague Melissa is mostly cycling indoors…

The website was built by Frank van Moorsel, a Dutch cyclist. He made the website without a commercial purpose. What a great idea to challenge yourself! We hope he’ll make these digital cards for other countries, too (hint, hint)!

Nice data

There’s more interesting data available on the website. For example, a heatmap with the most popular cycling regions in different countries. We like it!

Join the club

Frank made a Strava Club for the Long Term Challenge. Join the club here.