Team member Elke trains for her first triathlon

Team member Elke trains for her first triathlon: ‘This year I have a plan’

January! All the gyms are packed, nobody drinks alcohol and Google is flooded with search terms like ‘healthy snacks’. Our motivation is a funny thing, just before reaching the 365 or 366 days we could not care less about our diets and sport plans.

When we start the next 365 days, our motivation to stick to all our plans is sky-high.

My first triathlon: This year will be different

Humanity might be crazy and normally I would say ‘Yeah, that is not my thing, I am different’. But this year I won’t be different, this year I have my own plan, I will join a 1/8 triathlon for the first time in my life with my best friend, Fred. The upcoming months I will share my tricks, struggles and photos about this new adventure. The triathlon is planned in June, so I have enough time to learn everything about triathlons.

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The first tricks

Fred is my yellow racebike. During the team relay in August, I used the trick below to remember my laps. You can follow my story here on the website. We will publish my stories on Facebook en Instagram too.

Elke (27) is a movements scientist, and she trains for her first sprint triathlon in June. She is a good cyclist and runner already, but how will the swimming go?



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