Sports documentary's to watch while you're in quarantine

Sports documentaries to watch while you’re in quarantine

Preventing boredom can be a big challenge these days. It’s important to stay fit even when you’re just at home. Don’t forget to have some fun. We made a list of interesting cycling and sports documentaries.

Stop at nothing

With different interviews, it describes the fall of Lance Armstrong. Available on Netflix.


This Oscar-winning movie is a must-see! In this documentary, an American cyclist and investigation journalist tries to figure out how to get around doping rules. He ends up in a huge doping scandal in Russian sports. Available on Netflix.

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The Game Changers

An interesting view on food and sports: What’s the best diet for pros? The documentary is educative, but it leaves space for discussions too. That makes it very interesting to watch, and you start thinking about your own diet. Available on Netflix.


This short documentary (11.40 minutes) is about a guy who was born without legs. The docu short tells us how he became a successful wrestler. Available on Netflix.

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