Virtual Gears: All you need to know

Our patented Virtual Gears is one of the many unique features that come by default with the TrueTrainer SHIFT and MAX. Virtual Gears enable you to customize your gearset to your liking without changing your cassette. Read here more about Virtual Gears.

How do Virtual Gears work? 

Let’s use this example. If you have an 11-25 cassette installed on the TrueTrainer, you can specify in our app that you want a virtual 11-32 cassette. When you shift gears, the TrueTrainer virtually changes the gear so it feels like you are pedaling a lighter gear. So the 25-chain sprocket will feel like a 31-chain sprocket. The Virtual Gears enable you to train for a ride in the mountains without changing your cassette.

Why Virtual Gears?

We believe that a personalized approach allows athletes to tap into their potential. Virtual Gears enables athletes to adapt their gearsets to any type of training. For example, If you want to train for the alps but you live in an area with few hills, you can adjust your gearset to match your training.

Benefits of Virtual Gears 

  • Ride on your favorite road bike’s gearset
  • Never change your cassette again
  • Try out 400 different gearsets to find your true match
  • Save costs – you got 400 free gearsets for the price of one

Discover Virtual Gears
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