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The TrueBike Flex Subscription:  

  • The only indoor smart bike that makes your indoor ride as smooth as outside – at just 170 euros per month
  • Flex subscription for the TrueBike classic. The best-equipped model. Including integrated display.
  • Ideal to try the TrueBike for a short period
  • New: By purchasing the Truebike Flex,
  • The costs to start are 1.060 euro in total. (including a 300 euro deposit. See the full breakdown in the description)
  • The plan can be canceled after three months
  • We aim for 2 weeks delivery time. Contact us for the actual delivery time.
  • Pedals included
  • Read all the details
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This is the shopping page for Flex subscription of the classic TrueBike. The best-equipped TrueBike.

To get even more people to train on the TrueBike, we launched the Flex Subscription for the TrueBike! You receive a new and complete TrueBike, including pedals. After three months, the subscription can be canceled per quarter. Do you love the TrueBike and want to keep it? Then we have a fantastic offer for you! After three months you can buy the TrueBike. We’ll refund your deposit and accumulate 90% of your paid subscription fee as a discount on TrueBike’s retail price* (*temporary sales offers do not apply to Flex programs)

To start your subscription for the classic TrueBike
  • One-time sign-up fee: 150 euro
  • 3-month subscription fee in advance: 3 x 170 euro
  • Delivery costs: 100 euro
  • Refundable deposit: 300 euro
  • Total: 1.060 euro


Option 1. Want to buy your TrueBike after three months?
  • Want to keep your TrueBike? That’s possible!
  • We’ll refund your deposit
  • We’ll accumulate 90% of your paid subscription fee as a discount on TrueBike’s retail price*
  • You’ll pay 3.015 euros
  • *Temporary sales offers do not apply to Flex programs


Option 2. Keep renting after three months:
  • Extend for another three months for 170 euros per month
  • Total: 510 euro (3 x 170 euro)


Option 3. Return the TrueBike after three months:
  • After (every) three months you have to possibility to return your TrueBike
  • Pick-up fee and inspection fee: 150 euro
  • After inspection, we will refund your deposit


Main features
  • You get a TrueBike
  • TrueForce Technology for spot-on pedal force
  • Integrated screen for all your live training data included (power, cadence, speed, heart rate etc.)
  • Virtual Gears: up to 400 different gearsets are available
  • Battery charges as you ride
  • 26% incline and 15% descend
  • Connects with Zwift, Rouvy, and many more via Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Designed for a slight rocking motion while riding
  • ERG soft start
  • Independent height and reach adjustment
  • Extra: WiFi for a stable Zwift connection
  • Extra: Easy heart rate connection to Zwift via the TrueBike


TrueBike specs
  • Peak power 2600 watt
  • 15% incline and descend
  • Power accuracy: 0.5%
  • TrueBike classic dimensions of the TrueBike including display: 162 x 80 x 57 cm
  • Available crank sizes: 175 mm, 172,5 mm, 170 mm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Software updates over WIFI
  • Training apps: SufferFest, Zwift, FulGaz, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, RGT Cycling, Kinomap
  • See all specs
  • Suitable for frame sizes between S – XL
  • Riderheight: min: 155cm max: 200cm
  • Max rider weight: 150kg
  • Option to have your own saddle and/or handlebars installed
  • On special occasions, we can offer a longer steering and/or seat tube. Please contact us for more info.
Product support
  • In our online knowledge base, you can find helpful resources such as videos, tutorials, and answers to frequently asked questions about your TrueKinetix product. The information is available in English and Dutch
  • Need personal assistance with your TrueKinetix product Our support agents and engineers are ready to help. Create a ticket through our online knowledge base and we’ll be there to assist you. Spoken languages are English and Dutch.

Additional information


170mm, 172,5mm (most popular), 175mm


Shortened (150 cm – 180 cm), Normal (Most popular, 165 cm – 200 cm), Large (190 cm – 210 cm)



16 reviews for TrueBike Flex Plan

  1. English


    I was looking for an indoor trainer to get through the winter. Through Google I saw the TrueBike and thought it was beautiful bike. When I read the owner’s story about proper muscle loading and realistic bike feel without a flywheel I thought it made sense.

    Through the 30-day free trial I bought the TrueBike and from the first ride I was sold. It feels just like cycling outside. When I train I also feel stronger than when I haven’t trained for a while. The connection to Zwift is good and I can always do a quick workout when I get home from work.

    The TrueBike is pricey but it is totally worth it. I definitely recommend the TrueBike!

  2. English


    The bike does everything that’s being promised. Flawless plug and play connection with Zwift. Most impressive is the very good service of the company. I’ve used the Truebike now for two years!

  3. English

    Raymond Elisabeth

    Skilled, good and clear explanations by people with passion.

  4. English

    Sebastiaan Bleekemolen

    I am super satisfied with the ‘bike’. Previously trained indoors a lot with the Tacx Neo and in the beginning put both setups side by side. What a difference! Indoor cycling is not my favorite and never will be, but I notice that I have been cycling indoors more and more since I got the Truebike. The control interface is easy, it gives lots of interesting info and is easy to pair with Zwift. And most of all, it feels realistic which also makes the workouts feel much more useful and enjoyable. Actually, I now do all interval training on the Truebike, no matter what the weather is like outside. I highly recommend it!

  5. English

    Marianne Colaris

    The TrueBike exceeds my expectations. What technical ingenuity! Best bike purchase to date.
    Regardless of weather and time of day, still the feeling of cycling outside in an environment of your own choosing with, among other things, the Zwift app. Very customer-friendly and service-oriented helpdesk. Everything can be adjusted online!
    Beautiful design, jewel in the house

  6. English

    Anne de Jong

    I got the Truebike from TrueKinetix since Feb. 2021. Due to delivery problems of a smartbike with a waiting list of half a year, someone tipped me off to take a look at the TrueBike from TrueKinetix. And the Truebike I could have at home within 2 weeks after ordering. After researching, I finally chose the TrueBike from TrueKinetix. And not for a moment did I regret this choice. Bike is good and easy to adjust to everyone’s height in our family.And what is particularly striking is that I can perform a workout on the TrueBike with great ease. The TrueBike does come very close to “real cycling” on the road. And my cycling part in the triathlon has improved significantly compared to six months ago.

    Also, the service/customer service provided by TrueKinetix is absolutely fantastic! You are helped very quickly and with problems. They can also read out the bike remotely in case of any problems and if necessary, update your Truebike with the correct software. There is also transparent communication with you, which I like. This way you know where you stand and you have a better understanding of the situation.

    So I will definitely recommend you to consider this investment. You definitely get value for money and of course a lot of cycling pleasure.The company TrueKinetix is open to feedback and does something with it. They really like it when customers think with them and provide them with information in order to develop TrueKinetix’s Truebike even better and further.

  7. English

    Rick Takkenkamp

    Since December 2020 owner of the TrueBike, what a great device! The experience of the real bike feeling with all the data you generate is wonderful for me. I am already cycling outside and the results from the indoor sessions are good. Some software issues in the beginning but together with the helpline quickly and adequately solved and soon followed a software update. Highly recommend the TrueBike.

  8. English

    Wouter Born

    This bike is a real game-changer! As fanatic Zwifter I am always looking for the most realistic indoor experience and this bike mimics every pedal stroke exactly. You’ll have to try it to believe it. After I tried the Truebike, all other indoor trainers became irrelevant.

  9. English

    Daniël Nagel

    Innovative, groundbreaking indoor trainer from TrueKinetix. With a highly dedicated customer service team.

  10. English


    The best bike I have ever tried. From the very first pedal stroke on it feels like my own road bike. The ride is smoother but don’t get me wrong – it’s still very challenging! It feels like I get a better workout in and get stronger legs than on my old spinning bike. Connecting to Zwift is easy and I can change my gears at any time. Before the TrueBike I didn’t like indoor cycling, but now I love it!

  11. English


    Almost a 1.5 years in house. I should have bought much earlier. The more I ride it the better the performance on the road.
    It’s the ideal combination with Zwift. No more hassle of mounting with my road bike. I come home, race clothes on and go go!
    I would highly recommend it to others.

  12. English

    G. Berkouwer

    We have had a Truebike for just over 1 year and it is above expectations.
    It’s quiet, it looks en feels like a real bike. In our family 3 persons use it and unanimously we train more and more efficiently with the Truebike. In combination with or without Zwift.
    It’s great!

  13. English

    Jos Grimbergen

    The Truebike by Truekinetix is a briljant innovation developed and marketed by an inspiring and highly motivated team. The Truebike keeps evolving into a best in class trainer and comes with excellent service, my compliments to the team.

  14. English

    Wouter Hut

    I have tried many indoor bikes and none of them come remotely close to the real biking experience as the TrueKinetix’ Truebike. I come out of the winter stronger than ever.
    Get it now!

  15. English

    Leo Donders

    This is one of my best purchases in cycling. I use the bike in combination with Zwift which takes over the bike 100% and it’s absolutely superb.
    The help desk is super helpfull and I am very satisfied about. I do have one small comment it would be very welcome if the TrueBike is stationary for more than 10 min it just stays on instead of off. If you are riding a tour in zwift and the bike goes off you have lost your route very irritating. Otherwise very satisfied. I can recommend everyone to buy such a bike.

  16. English


    The TrueBike feels like cycling outdoors. With my previous trainer I felt numb after each session. I jump much easier on the TrueBike and it gives me the flexibility that I need to squeeze in my training hours.

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