Privacy Policy


In this privacy policy we describe how TrueKinetix collects and processes your personal data through your use of our ‘Services’. These Services include visits to our website, your use of our apps, or your participation in an event, including any information you provide when you sign up for our newsletter, purchase a product, or participate in an event. In addition, this policy describes how to change or remove your privacy settings and explains the rights you can rely on while using our Services.

We consider the privacy of our visitors, users, customers and other contacts with TrueKinetix very important and we will do everything we can to ensure this. In general, TrueKinetix will not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, unless it is part of the service that TrueKinetix performs for you. In addition to our privacy policy, please read our ‘Terms and Conditions of Service’ to ensure that you are fully aware of TrueKinetix’s policies.

Our services are not intended for children and we do not knowingly collect information relating to children.
If you have any comments or questions about our privacy policy, please contact the TrueKinetix headquarters. Contact details can be found in Article 9.

Changes to the privacy policy
This version of the TrueKinetix privacy policy was last updated in January 2022. We may update this privacy statement from time to time to comply with applicable data protection laws, so please check back here regularly for updates.

The personal information we hold about you must be accurate and up to date. Please keep us informed if your personal information changes in the course of your relationship with us.


TrueKinetix collects both anonymous and non-anonymous information. We collect this information when you use our services, visit or contact us or when you connect with third parties. To find out what cookies we collect when using our online services, please see our Cookie Policy at

The use of our Services to which this policy applies:
– The use, the visit, and the interaction with the TrueKinetix website
– The use, the visit, and the interaction with the TrueAthletes web page
– The use, the visit, and the interaction with the TrueAthletes Mobile App
– The use, the visit, and the interaction with TrueKinetix products
– The visit, the interaction with TrueKinetix at events
– The purchase process of a product
– Any other process or connection to TrueKinetix


Where TrueKinetix processes your personal data, it does so on the following legal basis:

A. performance of a contract with you (or taking steps at your request before entering into a contract with you);
B. fulfilling a legal obligation of TrueKinetix;
C. our legitimate interests, including but not limited to (i) our commercial and marketing interests, (ii) our interests in providing, maintaining and improving our services and customer experience, (iii) our interest in combating fraud, abuse and security or technical issues with our services, (iv) our interest in conducting (statistical) research, and (v) our interest in enforcing or investigating (potential) legal claims; and marketing interests
D. your consent (and, where applicable, your explicit consent (e.g. concerning health data)).

A. General information
The information that you may share with us while using our Services are:

– First name*
– Surname*
– Username*
– Password*
– Login PIN code *
– E-mail address*
– Date of birth
– Length*
– Weight*
– Location
– Gender
– Profile photo
– Minimum and maximum heart rate, heart rate zones and resting heart rate.
*This information is included in the basic account information and is required to create and use an account and some other services that TrueKinetix has. All users of our Services have a specific user number to associate the data with the correct person.

B. Specific information
Information collected via the website:

– Cookies: Information about the visitor/user is collected on the TrueKinetix website through cookies.
– E-mail address: Via a pop-up, you will be asked whether you wish to subscribe to the newsletter. If you are interested, please enter your e-mail address and validate by sending a confirmation e-mail. Once you have activated your e-mail address, TrueKinetix will be able to send you news, updates and developments. If you no longer wish to receive this type of information, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the e-mail or send an e-mail to with the wish not to receive any more e-mails.
– Telephone number: Customers and visitors to the TrueKinetix website can leave their contact details to register for an event or demo. For a demo request, visitors leave an email address or telephone number to make an appointment. When we no longer use the contact details, we remove them from our CMS system.


1. Creation of account
To use our TrueAthletes platform and view your own training dates, you will be asked to create an account. This requires personal data, namely an e-mail address and a username, and you must agree to the General Terms and Conditions (see collected information in Article 3 A general information). The account can be used as soon as you have activated your email address through a confirmation email about your registration with TrueKinetix.
You can also choose to use your Strava, Facebook or Google account to create your TrueAthletes account. We will only use the requested login details to log in or log in to an account and no other third-party information. When you use a third party to sign in or log in, you should read their privacy policy to be fully informed. TrueKinetix has no control over and is not responsible for third-party privacy policies.

2. Use of account

The following data is collected in your TrueAthletes account:

– General data (see article 3)
– Date
– Time of activity
– Duration of activity
– Distance
– Energy consumption
– Power
– Speed
– Heart rate
– Cadence
– Elevation
– Number of rounds
– Pedal force

To set up the TrueBike with the data of the user, this user must log in on the bike, with the account created via the TrueAthletes website. This data is necessary for the calculation of simulated values for cycling resistance and simulated performance.
All training data, when the bike is connected to the internet, together with the diagnostic bike data are synchronized with our online server for further analysis by TrueKinetix and processed for display and sharing with end users.
In general, all data collected on the TrueBike will be processed on the bike itself (if a calculation is required) and then stored on the online TrueAthletes page. All data on the bike itself can be deleted with a factory reset.

3. Change or delete account

The settings of the TrueAthletes account can be changed by the account owner. To delete your TrueAthletes account, please contact our customer service. We will always strive to answer your message as soon as possible.

When you contact TrueKinetix, TrueKinetix records the personal data you provide to us. This is limited to your name, contact details and information provided by you in connection with your information needs or complaints. This information is used to answer your request for information or to handle your complaint. We register this data because you enquire with us. We also use information relating to complaints to improve our service and customer experience.

When you place an order via TrueKinetix, you must provide us with the following information so that TrueKinetix can process the order:

– First name and surname
– Country
– Street + number
– Postal code + City
– E-mail address
– Telephone number
– Payment details

Without this information, we cannot process your payment and order. We store your details in our account so that we can communicate with you and support you when necessary.

TrueKinetix does not retain your personal information longer than necessary for the purposes for which the relevant personal information was collected, as set forth in this privacy policy. You can always request the deletion of your personal data under article 3.

Training data is stored in our own secure databases. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep your data for at least 1 year. The databases are owned and only accessible by TrueKinetix if there is a valid reason for doing so. See article 3 for more information on what information is collected and for what purpose.

TrueKinetix uses cookies and similar techniques. Cookies are small text files that are generated and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you use the websites. In general, TrueKinetix does not use tracking and profiling cookies. For more information about cookies, please see our separate cookie policy at .

TrueKinetix applies a level of security to the processing of personal data which, within the capabilities of current technology, is sufficient to prevent unauthorised access, modification, publication or loss of your personal data. The security of your personal data depends on the confidentiality of your account details (username and password). You must handle your account information with care and never make it available to third parties.

All personal data stored in an account (as described in article 3) can be viewed and changed by logging into your account. TrueKinetix may be required by law to retain certain personal data. TrueKinetix cannot delete or change this personal information at your request.

You may at any time request access to your data at TrueKinetix or request the rectification or deletion of your personal data or the limitation of the processing of your personal data via the e-mail address You also have the right to transfer your personal data.

Please note that after we have amended or deleted your data at your request, these data may be present in our backups of all data for some time, until these backups are also deleted. TrueKinetix will never share any backed-up information.

As described in clause 3, TrueKinetix processes personal data as a data processor for event organisers. In those cases, such an event organiser is the data controller. The event organiser will share certain personal data relating to you with us as set out in this Privacy Policy. TrueKinetix has no control over the processing of personal data by the organiser and it is the responsibility of the organiser to process personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations (e.g. on the basis of a contract entered into directly with you). As a result, TrueKinetix cannot make any changes to the event results and other data on the website of an event in which you have participated. To the extent that TrueKinetix processes your personal data as a data processor for an event organiser, you must contact the event organiser to exercise your rights as set out in this article (including requests to access, update or correct your personal data). As an additional service you may also contact, stating at least your name, e-mail address, the date of the event and the name of the event. TrueKinetix will then forward your request to the relevant event organiser.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, you can contact TrueKinetix via the e-mail address You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority (for the Netherlands: Personal Data Authority) if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates your rights under applicable law.

We will not pass on your personal data to third parties without your permission, unless:

– the performance of the agreement between you and TrueKinetix requires this, for example because of payment
– it is for delivery of the products ordered by you;
– TrueKinetix is required by law or emergency to disclose your personal information to the government; or
– if a reorganisation or transfer of business activities takes place at TrueKinetix which obliges TrueKinetix to hand over personal data to another organisation.

If you share your information with third-party websites or apps (for example, publicly sharing information via social media), all such information will be available to those third parties.  TrueKinetix accepts no responsibility or liability for how third parties handle personal data and cookies. We advise you to read the privacy and cookie policies before sharing any data with them.

TrueKinetix uses an external payment provider, Mollie. The payment data is shared with and stored by Mollie. The other order information as mentioned above is only stored in TrueKinetix’s accounting system and is kept there for administrative and fiscal reasons.
To be fully aware of Mollie’s privacy policy and further information, we advise you to consult the Mollie website:

In addition to the user’s information, we also collect information about the user’s behaviour, such as the date of registration, tracking emails and tracking clicks in emails. Before we send any form of information, we ask for a double opt-in via their mailbox.
Activecampaign data is not automatically stored in TrueKinetix’s personal customer system. Only when the subscriber contacts us via email, phone, at a TrueKinetix event, or any other way to contact us will the personal information be stored in our personal system.

Google Analytics
TrueKinetix uses Google Analytics to analyse and track its Services. The information generated by Google Analytics is stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google works according to the EU-US Privacy Shield for the exchange of personal information. Please consult Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.

PerfectView is our CMS system and is for internal use and administration only.

Facebook Business
Facebook Business is used by TrueKinetix for advertising. Visitors to these ads may leave their email address and/or telephone number for the purpose of the ad. This information is used and/or stored to contact the respondent. The data collected by TrueKinetix is stored in our own relationship system.

Strava and other optional connections

Read the privacy policy of the services you wish to connect to. Their privacy policies may differ from our policies.
Some of the accounts allow you to take photos and/or selfies. TrueKinetix stores these photos. By using our Apps or Websites to create a photographic image, you consent to the processing and treatment of your image by TrueKinetix as set forth in this privacy policy. TrueKinetix does not publish photographs on its own initiative.

ANT+ and Bluetooth connections
Sharing data with external programs via ANT+ or Bluetooth is possible. Depending on which device and third party you choose to connect, your data may be stored by the third party. Read their privacy policies to see what, how and why they collect data.
Some accounts offer the possibility to take photos and/or selfies. TrueKinetix stores these photos. By using our Apps or Websites to create a photographic image, you consent to the processing and treatment of your image by TrueKinetix as set forth in this privacy policy. TrueKinetix does not publish photographs on its own initiative.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact TrueKinetix using these contact details:
Headquarters TrueKinetix B.V.
Address: Satellietbaan 12B
2181 MH
The Netherlands

This privacy policy may be changed at any time. The most recent privacy policy can be found at . We advise you to read the privacy policy on the Websites or through the Apps before entering new personal data.