Our top 3 start-ups visiting Eurobike Show 2019

Our top 3 startups visiting Eurobike Show 2019

We like innovation and companies that, like us, dare to launch a new idea. There are a lot of start-ups on Eurobike to show their product. This is our top three.

At EuroBike we proudly present the TrueBike. Of course, we are not the only startup at EuroBike. Amazing companies are showing their products.

1. Praep: Because preparation is everything
Praep invented a training gear for outdoor cycling and biking enthusiasts who want to strengthen their arm mobility. The Propilot is a bicycle handlebar that you place on the ground. Positioning your hands on the handles, you plank as your smartphone app directs movement.  Find out how it works

2. Flit: The bike you can fold in 10 seconds 
This bike is noticeably light and good looking. Being an electric bicycle, allows you to ride rapidly through the city. Read more.

3. Reacha: Makes it easier to go on an adventure  
Are you a surfer or a paddleboarder? Then this product will make your life easier. You can attach the Reacha trailer to your bike and take your surfboard to the most beautiful places. Read more

TrueBike: The first robotized indoor bike 
Curious about our TrueBike? Read more.