'If it looks like cycling, that surely does not mean it is cycling'

While training for the triathlon, with the ultimate goal to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, TrueKinetix’ founder Bas van Rens found that on his indoor smart trainer he was putting out significantly less power, and would last only a fraction of the time, compared to riding outdoors. After breaking the bottom bracket on his tri-bike in a couple of sessions on his already-not-so-loved trainer, it was time for a change.

Bas heard the folkore about heat and boredom being the explanation for the difference between indoor and outdoors. But in the Alps, where he was riding at speeds so slow that snails would pass him in the burning sun, he was getting a lot warmer than in his attic. In the Alps he was still putting out the right wattages, which couldn’t be said about his indoor training. Similarly, while riding for five hours straight on the same training route is boring, putting in an hour whilst watching Mr Willis save yet another building is not.

After a while he came to the simple conclusion: ‘If it looks like cycling, that surely does not mean it is cycling’. This insight was his ultimate drive to invent a revolutionary new way to cycle indoors. Without flywheels, speed-dependent brakes, and carbon crushing forces on your frame. Back to the basics through very advanced robotics. Getting you the workout that actually makes your off-season help you prepare for your best rides and races out there.

The future of indoor training: our vision

Our work is done when all indoor sports are experienced as their outdoor equivalent. To get there, we operate on four levels.

Robotizing Muscular loads ©Clem Onojeghuo (1)

Robotizing neuromuscular loads

Flywheel-based, water-based and motorized indoor training equipment still can't top outdoor muscular loads and resistance. Robotizing movements with hundreds of accurate adjustments per second is the only way to experience the real thing, indoors.

Quantified Self ©Autumn Goodman

Data optimization for the Quantified Self

Physical performance optimization has become a matter of percentages. TrueKinetix brings in science- based training equipment that makes that very important difference. Backed up by pro sports training institutions and athletes.

IM Outdoor environment ©Yiran Ding

Bringing your training environment indoors

Outdoor training is getting harder all around the world. Climate change and growing populated areas make it less safe and less comfortable. Indoor training is gaining ground. We're here to make that experience as similar to the outdoors as possible.

IM Social Experience ©Markus Spiske

Creating a social training experience

Let us be honest. Science and technique form the basis of our products. But we also understand the power of social interaction. That's why our products are increasingly compatible with popular training platforms.

Our Team

We are a group of sports enthusiasts who like to tinker with technology combined with people who love technology and don’t mind the sports bit too much. But mostly we are a group of people who really get a kick out of changing the way the world trains indoors.

Want to join our team? TrueKinetix offers unique challenges on the edge of high-tech, people and sports: we are always interested to hear from ambitious people. Please get in touch with us via jobs@truekinetix.com.