Our favourite cyclists to follow on Youtube 

Our favourite cyclists to follow on Youtube 

Many cycling enthusiasts are successful on YouTube. They do epic challenges, rate products, and visit tradeshows. Read in our blog about some cyclists we are following.

1. Shane Miller (GPLama)

As a ‘Cycling Tech Product Specialist’, Shane miller wants to make indoor training more exciting. He explains how new training gears work and he films his rides while testing new products.

Watch his YouTube videos here.

2. Triathlon Taren

Taren is a nice triathlete to follow. He talks about training plans, equipment, and motivation. He wants to inspire people to challenge themselves.

View his video here on YouTube.

3. Jasper Verkuijl

Of course, we want to mention as Jasper because he is Dutch like us. He shows you his cycling adventures in different countries. He also gives cycle tips and shows you around cycling tradeshows.

View his channel here.

4. Juliet Elliott

Juliet is a cycling coach from the UK. She vlogs about bikes and gear, indoor training, travelling, racing and off-road cycling.

Watch her video here on YouTube.