Not ready for a triathlon/ Try a Triathlon relay

Not ready for a triathlon? Try a triathlon relay

A triathlon is an amazing experience, but maybe you are not quite ready to do a full triathlon all by yourself. Why not try a relay triathlon as a team?

Last summer TrueKinetix participated in a triathlon relay. We made teams of three persons and we challenged each other. It helped bond our company and we laughed and cheered a lot.

And the winners are…

Congrats to team 5, made up of Mats, Mark and Laurens. Their time for the Sprint Triathlon: 1:12:45.

Do you want to try a triathlon relay too?

Make a team of three persons and look for an event with triathlon relays. We did the triathlon sprint: 0.75 kilometres swimming, 20 kilometres cycling and 5 kilometres running. It’s fun: You don’t have to train for months but you can still feel how a real triathlon works!

‘The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together as a team.’ Simon Sinek.