Together we will set the gold standard for indoor cycling

TrueKinetix is using modern robotics to ensure that indoor cycling makes you stronger. Now that hundreds of Dutch people are already training indoors on a TrueBike, it’s time to take these innovative smart bikes across the border to get more people fitter.

To make the first step abroad, we have started crowdfunding. We are looking for investors, like you. Will you help us make the TrueBike the worldwide gold standard? Invest here. 

UPDATE: We are very happy to see that so many cycling fans have already joined the campaign. Because things have gone so fast and we want to give even more people the chance to invest, we have lowered the maximum amount to be invested in this campaign to €10,000. If you still want to lend us €25,000 or more and receive your own TrueBike, please contact Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Bas van Rens and the TrueBike
How to participate

With this crowdfunding, we want to take the next step together with you, bicycle lovers, and TrueKinetix pioneers! We can ensure that our Dutch technology becomes the gold standard for indoor cycling. It would be awesome if you want to invest in the plans. You can invest here.

The investment will be paid back over a period of 5 years with an annual interest of 5%. And because we are eternally grateful to you, we have thought of some nice extra rewards.  For example, receive a cool cycling outfit or become part of the ‘TrueKinetix Think Tank’.

Visit our crowdfunding campaign page