The most accurate indoor trainers

As a coach of various cyclists, I was looking for accurate indoor trainers that aim for improvement and communication. At Truekinetix, I absolutely found this. They continue to innovate to achieve even better versions of their products. After purchasing the TrueTrainer 6.2, they still provide updates to keep the device up-to-date and improve it.

Dieter Witman

The TrueBike Base is great for Rouvy

I purchased the TrueBike Base at one of their dealers ‘Bikeshop van Vuure’. I was looking for a bike to stay fit and that was compatible with cycling app Rouvy. Since I only use Rouvy to ride , I chose the TrueBike without the display. After two weeks of riding I am super still very satisfied with the TrueBike Base.  I would definitly recommend it to others.


What makes a top product a unique experience today? Indoor cycling with the TrueBike offers a pure, 1-on-1 equivalence to outdoor training. The professional team ensures excellent service and proper handling of replacement parts, such as fixing an LCD issue under warranty.

I wouldn’t want to go back to any other form of indoor cycling. Kudos to your continually evolving product and exceptional customer service.

Former Dutch National Triathlon Champion, aiming for more podium finishes this year ;)

Valuing good fitness and being unable to always train outdoors, I sought the ultimate indoor bike trainer. After trying many trainers with various issues, I found the TrueBike at a Mutsaars Bikes event last year.

Everyone was impressed by its natural pedalling motion, controlled by magnets, offering a realistic cycling experience. Though it produces a bit more noise, its compact design prevents sweat from getting on the trainer.

The TrueBike supports Zwift and Rouvy and can upload results to Strava. Indoor cycling feels less tiring, and I achieve higher power outputs compared to flywheel trainers. I easily cycle for two hours straight, making it ideal for bad weather training in my home gym.

The TrueBike excels in sprints and hill rides, handling high power well. Detailed data analysis helps me monitor and improve my leg pressure distribution. Truekinetix listens to customer feedback, enhancing their product continuously.

After nearly four weeks and over 1000 virtual kilometers, I am very satisfied with my Truebike Base. Compared to my old bike on a direct drive trainer, it is a huge improvement. The bike’s position is perfectly adjustable, ensuring the right posture. The motor resistance provides a natural pedaling feel, allowing pain-free rides. Virtual shifting is quick and reliable with various configurations available. The bike’s robust design allows for intense sprints, with slightly wobbly legs enhancing the ride feel.

Initially, there were some issues connecting with Zwift, but it now works flawlessly on every ride.

Super realistic training to become stronger!

The resistance feels good, both flat terrains and mountains. The TrueTrainer is easy to setup and connect with Rouvy in my case.  The Virtual Gears work really well. My road bike has a 11/32 cassette configured for the mountains and it’s very simple to change it to 11/25. Hats off for the team of TrueKinetix!


Connecting with ROUVY and ZWIFT works flawlessly

A fantastic bike with many features, it truly feels like outdoor cycling. For me, it’s the perfect training bike. Connecting with Rouvy and Zwift works flawlessly.

Peter Rientjes

The only smart bike with virtual oval chainrings

I’ve been using the TrueBike since October 2022. Recently, I upgraded to include oval chainrings, just like those on my outdoor bikes, with adjustable OCP (Rotor) settings. This feature makes the TrueBike quite unique.

Riding the TrueBike feels remarkably similar to being on my road bike. Even during lengthy indoor training sessions (over 1.5 hours), my legs feel just as they do when I’m cycling outdoors. Compared to my previous Wahoo trainer, the TrueBike allows for longer, more comfortable indoor rides.

The power and pedal force profiles match perfectly with my road bike, which has Rotor blades and 2Inpower. The display helps me optimise my pedal stroke and balance. Additionally, the realistic side-to-side movement on flexible supports enhances the overall experience.

In summary, I’m extremely pleased with the TrueBike.

The TrueBike is unlike any other smart bike

The TrueBike feels noticeably different from other trainers! While it’s still indoor cycling, you’ll find you don’t get as tired. There’s no extra fatigue building up in your body, unlike with outdoor cycling. This makes it not only better but also more enjoyable.

The virtual shifting is a delight too—no more chains clunking between gears. And teh service is fantastic: professional and with a personal touch.

Jeroen Pijlman

I’ve been using the TrueTrainer 6.2 for a few weeks now and have logged many virtual miles. It rides beautifully and, thanks to the motor assistance, closely mimics outdoor cycling. With Virtual Gears, there are plenty of options to easily experiment with different setups. In short, it’s a fantastic product for many enjoyable virtual rides.

René Oenema

The TrueBike is a truly fantastic device

Cycling feels like real cycling again but without the headwind. Installation, usage, and connections are all super easy, letting you focus all your energy on pedalling. I enjoy it more and more each time.

Frank van Hout

 I heard it was a good bike, but the experience has been amazing. It works perfectly with Rouvy and provides a ton of cycling enjoyment. I’m super thrilled about this bike!

Stan Ypeij

I do all my interval training on the TrueBike, in rain and shine

I’m super satisfied with this bike. I used to train indoors a lot with the Tacx Neo, and I initially set up both side by side. What a difference! Indoor cycling has never been my favorite and probably never will be, but I’ve found myself cycling indoors more often since I got the TrueBike. The user interface is easy to use, provides a lot of interesting information, and connects easily with Zwift.

Most importantly, it feels realistic, making the workouts much more effective and enjoyable. I do all my interval training on the TrueBike, no matter how nice the weather is outside.

I highly recommend this bike to everyone.

Sebastiaan Bleekemolen

The TrueBike shows how indoor cycling should feel

Innovative company dedicated to improving indoor cycling performance. The TrueBike shows how indoor training should feel, and you’ll settle for nothing less.

Laurens Berkouwer

The TrueBike was a revelation for me

After several winters of training on indoor trainers with flywheel systems, riding the TrueBike was a revelation for me. The effort feels true to outdoor cycling, which will prepare me much better for the outdoor season.

Phillip Smits

A realistic bike that’s advanced and fully adjustable

From Dutch soil, a company that’s innovating in the cycling world! A realistic bike trainer that’s quiet, advanced, fully adjustable, and features a clear screen for all your data. Impressive!


Inspiring and passionate team

Truekinetix, an incredibly inspiring and passionate team, has brought a brilliant innovation to the market with the TrueBike. They continue to develop it and provide exceptional service.

Jos van Grimbergen

The TrueBike meets all expectations

The TrueBike is a fantastic product that meets all expectations. Communication about delivery and the home delivery itself were excellent as well.

Michel W. 

Excellent service

A superb bike for training with excellent service and advice for any questions.

Michiel van Dijk 

Builds muscle strength during the winter months

Great product. It works very efficiently and helps you build muscle strength during the winter months.

Henk van Vuure

I have been using the truebike now for over 2 years. Eventhough, at the beginning the bike had a lot of malfunctions the progress that has been made in the recent 2 years is like night and day. The TrueBike is super compatible with Zwift and makes your indoor trainings realistic and fun. My biggest complaint would be that the bike makes a bit of noise. However, the truebike is still way ahead of its competitors and I would recommend everyone to at least try it.

TrueTrainer 6.2 is ideal for climbing

 I’m the first user in Sweden, and I’m very happy with it. Easy to set up, works well with Rouvy, and handles steep (virtual) climbs beautifully.

Gijs Marbus

Riding this trainer is as realistic as it gets

I’ve been the proud owner of a TrueBike for two weeks now, and it’s a real pleasure to train indoors on this fantastic bike. Riding this trainer is as realistic as it gets. The software and gears work flawlessly, and the support from Truekinetix is excellent. You have to try it yourself to feel the difference between the TrueBike’s robotics and traditional flywheel trainers. I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking to improve their performance. I’m confident it will give my outdoor cycling performance a significant boost in the spring!

TrueTrainer is a truly a surprising cycling indoor trainer. I have been using it for several weeks, mostly with Trainerroad in ERG mode. It offers impressive resistance levels considering its lightweight design, making it a great option for those who want to get a proper and challenging workout without sacrificing portability.

The noise levels are also surprisingly low, which is a major plus for those who live in apartments (like me). The construction is sturdy and feels durable, ensuring you can get the most out of your workouts without worrying about breaking it. Customer support is also impressive, which has been prompt, helpful, and friendly. Overall, TrueTrainer is as a great value for money and a new player on the market that’s definitely worth considering.