Quote About TrueKinetix

The Dutch business magazine Quote has interviewed our founder Bas, ‘The Spin Doctor’ van Rens about his ‘Eureka-moment’  that led him to inventing the TrueBike and building  TrueKinetix.

– As a triathlete, Bas ran into a major problem when cycling indoors:  ‘When cycling indoors you’ll only train your cardiovascular system, while outdoor cycling trains both the cardiovascular system and the leg muscles. Because of this lack of muscle strength, you’ll become great at spinning, but not at road cycling’.

Muscles are metabolic powerhouses:  ‘Training the muscles will increase power by 70%. Besides, retaining muscle mass is important to prevent our metabolism from slowing down as we age.’

In a traffic jam, Bas realised what’s the solution: ‘In a traffic jam I realised that in order to move a car or bicycle from a standstill you’ll need to use more force to move it. Compare it to a shopping cart: If you give that a push, it shoots away. But if the cart is full, I have to push much harder. Apply this principle to an indoor bike and it will come closer to cycling outdoors.

– Hyperrealistic cycling and more: “Our software applies the laws of physics and is perfectly capable to simulate other sports like running, rowing and swimming.

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