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Communication Specialist

We are looking for a communications specialist to build a world-class brand.

TrueKinetix is looking for the newest addtion to their team! We are looking for a marketing communications specialist to build a world-class brand with them.

In this position, you will help us to grow even faster using marketing. We are looking for a strong, hands-on professional to set up and execute our marcom strategy. You will work together with the online marketeer and marketing lead. You have guts, are energetic and like a challenge. You like to do creative work, but you also have a strategic brain. You therefore have the basic knowledge of content and online marketing. You also have an affinity with sports, which allows you to empathize with TrueKinetix’s target group.

Some of your responsibilities will be:


You will be responsible for the main support of building a worldclass brand. How? By coming up with original ideas for on- and offline campaigns, maintaining and updating the TrueKinetix website and knowing how to reach the targeted groups with the right marketing. Another part will be designing and implementing the right e-mail strategy.


You will be in the lead of coming up with and partly generating the content of the company on socials, the newletters and also on the website of TrueKinetix (Worldpress, CMS).


Every now and then, TrueKinetix organizes events to promote their product. The organizing and channeling of these events will also be one of your responsibilities. Now – taking the current situation into account – this will be an extra challenge to convey TrueKinetix message

Sales support:

One of the main goals of TrueKinetix is growing their brand and sell more of the bikes. They want to generate this by managing and improving the lead strategy. This will also be one of your responsibilities. You will closely cooperate with the online marketeer on this element.

This is us

TrueKinetix believes that everybody benefits from a healthy active lifestyle. Therefore, we want to help people get or stay fit by offering category defining indoor training solutions that mimic outdoor training as closely as possible. To do so the TrueKinetix team is exploring grounds never walked before, developing hardware and software applications on the innovative edge for a better training experience.

Started in 2016 by a rebellious triathlete, TrueKinetix is led by experienced entrepreneurs with a strong network in the sports- and high-tech industry. Our team consists of qualified engineers, software developers, human movement specialists and commercial professionals: we set high standards for ourselves but have enough self-reflection to keep it fun.

Following the initial positive receipt of our prototype by NOC*NSF in 2018, TrueKinetix has received several awards, including the Bike Motion Training Award 2019 and the Dutch Sports Innovation Award 2019. Since we delivered our first batch of TrueBikes to customers in Q4, 2019, we have been ramping up production, while expanding the online TrueBike platform capabilities. Since 2020, we are building a network of demo stores and aim to deliver a true experience to a growing customer base, in The Netherlands, Belgium as well as Germany.

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Freelancers United is recruiting as a partner of TrueKinetix, please contact Annemijn van ‘t Wout:

Tel: 06 11 12 95 07

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