TrueBike – Interview Bas van Rens

About us!

What TrueKinetix tries to solve is one important problem. And the important problem is that we have all this fitness equipment that tries to mimic the outside world. Like on a spinning bike, you have a flywheel that is supposed to mimic the weight of the rider and the bike.

In reality, it’s a factor 20 to 10 times to light. So the idea of TrueKinetix is to forget about all the weight and just take very powerful motors and have them mimic the forces that you feel in your ride. If you start cycling on our bike, you will have exactly the same feeling that you have when you ride away from a stoplight. You have to get that bike into motion, whereas on any other bike you start pedaling, you’re at speed. What you will also experience when you go to low RPM’s, for instance when you’re climbing a steep hill, on our bike, you can just stand on the pedals, full weight on the pedals, and the bike will hold your pedal there. On the other bikes, you will have that feeling that you’re falling through the pedal. You’ll have that feeling that the bike is slipping and that is exactly the difference.

The TrueBike, in essence, is a piece of equipment that has to do with sports, which I did a lot in my life, and it has to do with engineering, very difficult engineering.