Which TrueBike is right for me?

Need help choosing a TrueBike? This blog contains everything you should know about the TrueBike and TrueBike Base to make an informed decision. Are you ready? Let’s go!

The similarities between the TrueBike and TrueBike Base

The TrueBike and the TrueBike Base are identical in terms of technology, resistance, and compatibility with your preferred cycling apps. They are both user-friendly and can be shared among your family members.  Moreover, both indoor bikes are delivered and installed at home for your convenience. Both bikes are great to get through the winter and taking your cycling fitness to a higher level.

The main differences between the TrueBike and TrueBike Base

They are almost identical. Yet there are a few key differences between the two indoor bikes:

  • The display – The TrueBike Base model does not include a built-in screen. However, you can easily track all your training data, such as cadence, power, and speed, in real time through the TrueKinetix app.
  • The TrueBike Base has a smaller footprint – Without the display, it takes up less space and can fit into smaller training areas. The regular TrueBike is still smaller than most indoor bikes, but if you have very little space, we recommend the TrueBike Base.
  • The TrueBike Base is available starting at €3.195 –  Due to the absence of the screen and some advanced features, the TrueBike Base model is available at a lower price.

The table below compares the TrueBike and TrueBike Base in greater detail.

What are the reasons for our customers choosing a TrueBike or TrueBike Base?

Why did Janneke choose the TrueBike Base?
‘The size of my training room is quite small, but fortunately, the TrueBike Base doesn’t take up too much space. I don’t feel the need for a screen because I do all my training on Zwift, where I can track my power and cadence.’

Why did Thomas choose the TrueBike?
I find the screen easy to read. The left/right balance and polar graph are pretty useful for training the technique.

What is the TrueBike Base upgrade package? And when is it interesting?

The upgrade package provides some of the best features available in the full-option TrueBike. If you decide to buy a screen later, you can purchase this upgrade package at any time through our website. It is an optional over-the-air software upgrade. Once you purchase this upgrade, the following features become available:

  • HDMI port: You can easily connect a screen to the TrueBike Base’s HDMI port. The screen will display over 30 training data, including a polar graph and left/right balance. Additionally, the screen layout can be customized to your own preference through 5 presets.
  • Extra stable connection to Zwift: In addition to Bluetooth and ANT+, the TrueBike Base can also connect to Zwift or Rouvy via WiFi, providing a more stable connection for online races.
  • Polar view: The TrueBike Base measures the efficiency of your pedal rotation, which helps you to improve your cycling performance. The more efficiently you pedal, the less energy you lose while cycling.
  • Left/right balance: The TrueBike Base measures the force distribution of your pedals. It is a particularly useful tool for people who suffer from an injury and want to train their injured leg.
  • USB port: The TrueBike Base comes with a USB port that allows you to charge your devices with your own bike energy. You will no longer have to worry about your tablet running out of power during Zwift sessions.

If you are looking for an indoor bike with advanced technology for more efficient and natural cycling, then both TrueBike and TrueBike Base can meet your needs. The primary differences between these two bikes are in their displays and the amount of training data they provide. If you prefer to have access to detailed training data and enjoy reading it off a screen while training, then TrueBike is the best option for you. However, if you plan to use Zwift for your indoor cycling sessions, do not require extensive measurements, and have limited space, then we recommend the TrueBike Base. It is a great choice for those who do not need a display, but if you want to view your training data on a display later, you can always upgrade the TrueBike Base.