What do I need for Zwift?

Zwift hasn’t just changed the game of cycling – it created it. To start cycling, TrueKinetix answers your question, “What do I need for Zwift?”

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You already know you’ve got to do the work to get results, and training takes time. Ironically time is something you want more of to achieve less of, and indoor training is a way to get both. But riding inside has lacked the mental stimulation and, more importantly, the physical challenge, of riding outside until interactive, subscription-based indoor training applications like Zwift came along.

Zwift evolved from the gaming world as a way to train indoors without the usual monotony of riding inside. What Zwift did was create a virtual world for riders to connect with thousands of other cyclists around the world to compete in races, participate in gran fondos, ride with a local team or club, or just train on your own. If this sounds intriguing, your next question is probably: “What do I need for Zwift?”. We’ll tell you what you need to know, so keep reading.

What you need for Zwift

There is one basic item you’ll need for Zwift. The à la carte Zwift setup requires four pieces of hardware to get you rolling, whereas TrueKinetix rolls all the requirements into one TrueBike.

À la carte setup:

1. A bicycle trainer, rollers, or a smart trainer. Smart trainers can transmit speed and power data to Zwift, or you can also connect to Zwift using a trainer with power meter or speed and cadence sensor
2. A bike
3. A PC or Mac computer, an Android or iOS device, or 4th gen Apple TV
4. A bridge/receiver for the ANT+/BLE signal

There’s quite a bit more to know about this setup, and quite a few more choices to make if you choose it. The all-in-one approach of a TrueBike eliminates the time spent researching and shopping for parts, and then setting them up because the TrueBike has been engineered to perform as a single unit.

Now the fun begins, make a Zwift account.

Once you’ve sorted out your setup, you’ll want to visit zwift.com and create an account. Your first week is a risk-free, 7-day trial so you can try before you buy (but given Zwift’s game approach to training, you’ll quickly find that the value to your performance is immeasurable).

Just ride

Now you’re ready to take to the (virtual) open road. Hop on your TrueBike, choose a route, and go explore, or you can join a ride from one of the thousands of rides published to Zwift’s “Events” page. Or get going on your goals right away by building your own workout. Zwift has put you and your experience at the center of its drag-and-drop interface, which makes it both entertaining and easy to customize your training.

Zwift routes

The earliest adopters of Zwift rode in Watopia, a virtual world with several routes of various length and level of challenge. Now there are 10 worlds with more than 130 routes, and if history is any indication of how fast Zwift is growing, don’t expect those numbers to stay static.

Zwift workouts

Zwift offers 1000+ workouts that have been designed to add structure to your virtual rides. The workouts are diverse enough for you to find something that aligns with your ability and training goals within a set timeframe.

There are also Zwift Training Plans to help keep you on track and stay committed to a specific goal. The training plans have been designed by race-winning coaches and are tailored to fit your fitness level to keep you challenged and motivated at the same time.

Zwift Insider

ZwiftInsider.com is a community-driven site that’s mostly free of marketing hyperbole since it’s independent of Zwift.com (although Zwift does help defray site costs by providing some funding). It is where to go for “under the hood” questions about Zwift that may not be answered elsewhere.

Zwift has literally changed the game of cycling so that now it is a game. A TrueBike only ups the ante because it has changed the rules for participation. It’s not hard to imagine riding outside on a TrueBike in a Zwift world; you’ll feel like you’re really riding your favorite road route, even if it is only virtual.

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