Trainingpeaks: How to upload your TrueBike training

TrueBike rider Matt Russell loves the TrueBike, but there was one big wish on his list: upload his TrueBike training to Trainingpeaks. We’ve received this request from different TrueFriends too, so we made this connection possible. From today you can upload your TrueBike training to your account.

Trainingpeaks upload

Step 1. Set up the Trainingspeaks connection

– Go to your TrueAthletes account: and log in to your account.
– Next, click on ‘Profile’ and scroll down to the end of the page. Choose ‘Connect to social network.’
– Select the blue TP logo, and the Trainingpeaks website pops up.
– Log in to your TP account.
– To finish the connection: Don’t forget to allow the ‘Request for permission’.

Step 2. Upload a TrueBike training on Trainingpeaks

– Go to your True Athletes account and visit the page ‘Activities’.
– Select the activity you would like to upload to Trainingpeaks, by clicking on ‘more’.
– Scroll down to the end of the page. Click on ‘Upload to Trainingpeaks’.
– Log in to your account to check your training.

Photo: Joris Knapen, starring Sebastiaan Bleekemolen 

Never give up!

Looking for more inspiration? Matt Russell trains on the TrueBike a lot, read it here or follow him on Instagram.

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