Paul Slot: ‘The TrueBike feels like a real bike’

Besides family and work, triathlon is his third passion and a way of life. He is also a qualified triathlon trainer and he enjoys helping others to improve themselves.

Paul Slot about his TrueBike

What sport performance are you very proud of?
“You won’t find me on the big stages. I take part in competitions that I like because they are held in a wonderful place (like the Ironman in Lanzarote or Xiamen), or because of the difficulty of the course. For example, in 2019 I finished third in the TriathlonX in the English mountains around Wasdale.”

Which big or small goals would you like to achieve?
“I believe in the continuous improvement and development of myself. I hope  to compete again with the Israman in January ’21. But the Norseman is also on my wish list. Nice heavy, long-distance triathlons.”

How did you first experience TrueKinetix?
“Super! My work is about people and technique. Truekinetix knows how to combine enthusiasm for cycling with a passion for technique. I prefer to work with people who share my passion and that’s what I found at Truekinetix! Passion for cycling and for technology.”

What was your first reaction when you tried the TrueBike for the first time?
“That it looks like an ordinary bike.”

Did you encounter problems with your previous training solution that you don’t have with the TrueBike?
“On my previous trainer, it didn’t feel like I trained on a bike. Or when you’re stuck in the bike trainer with your bike, you’re afraid that the forces will demolish your bike frame.”

How do you notice that the TrueBike helps you to improve your training performance?
“I cycle indoors with more pleasure. The data (I love data) that are registered  are also more than enough to fine tune your training sessions.”


The TrueBike: 5 from 5 stars
TrueBike Support: 4 from 5 stars
Would you recommend the TrueBike to a friend? Yes