How to create your own TrueBike Group Challenge on Strava

Experience your rides, again and again, thanks to the newest Strava feature: 3D heatmaps. Very interesting for rides with tough climbs and descents.

Strava heat map

It´s awesome to get more Strava updates! This update includes personal heatmaps in 3D. It’s not available on your mobile app, but on the desktop versions of Strava only. That’s fine, if you’ve cycled the Stelvio, you want to see that on the bigger screen.

Strava heatmaps for paying members

Unfortunately, Strava only shows this feature to paying Strava members. A lot of Strava features aren’t free anymore, since last year. However, the app’s popularity continues to grow.

New app design

Strava also updates the app design of the mobile app. You can navigate quicker to your favorite features, like ‘maps’, ‘profile’, ‘groups’, and ‘segments’. Would you like to make your own Strava segment? Read our blog about creating your own segments.

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