Sebastiaan: ‘My legs are stronger than ever before’

Sebastiaan is racing driver by profession. By staying fit for his motorsport he ‘accidentally’ came into contact with triathlon. Sport has become a daily routine and it has made Sebastiaan a calmer person.

Sebstiaan loves to race his cars and bikes

Which sports performance are you proud of?
“I’ve won several motorsport championships in my career. Also, I finished an Ironman six times and to me, that’s at least as great an achievement.”

What big or small goals would you like to achieve?
“Faster and better with triathlon. As far as motor racing is concerned, I’m at the end of my career, so this is a great goal.”

How did you first experience TrueKinetix?
“I had heard from Bas (founder) at an early stage and was immediately interested.”

What was your first reaction when you tried the TrueBike for the first time?
“It felt like sitting on a real bike like outside, especially on higher wattages!”

Did you encounter problems with your previous training solution that you don’t have with the TrueBike?
“I’m doing more training indoors now, intervals only. Much safer!”

How do you notice that the TrueBike helps you to improve your training performance?
“Unfortunately, there are no races right now, but it feels like I have more strength in my legs than ever before.”

Sebastiaan rated the TrueBike

The TrueBike: 5 from 5 stars
TrueKinetix support: 5 from 5 stars
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