Pimp your ride: 5 reasons to swap your smart trainer for a smart bike

1. Set and forget

One of the most significant perks of smart bikes is their relative simplicity; set them up once and they’re done. You can bid “Adios” to the time-consuming ritual of mounting and dismounting your bike from the trainer, and say “Adieu” to the tiresome chore of putting on your rear wheel and realigning the brakes. Not to mention having to make sure your bike is “inside clean” when you want to make the switch from outside to indoors without leaving a trail of dirt and angry family members in your wake.

With a smart trainer, once you’ve mounted your bike, you still have to fine-tune the calibration, make sure the front wheel is correctly positioned and re-sync with all your favourite apps. With a smart bike, you simply hop on, and the technology takes care of the rest. You can say “Arrivederci” to the never-ending calibration loop and embrace a hassle-free cycling experience. Less time tinkering, more time pedaling.

Built for a beating

Back when carbon bikes and trainers weren’t so advanced, people used to say you shouldn’t use your carbon bike on a trainer. Nowadays, even though carbon bikes and trainers are much better, it’s still true that most warranties for carbon bikes, except the newest ones, don’t cover damage from using a trainer.

Whether you’re working on unleashing furious Mark Cavendish style sprints or channeling your inner Marco Pantani as you stand up and stomp the pedals all the way up a virtual mountain climb, smart bikes are designed to handle that punishment. They’re built specifically for the purpose of indoor riding in a way that your road whip isn’t. 

A huge added benefit is that, while you’re enjoying the stability and more enjoyable riding experience of a smart bike, your beloved outdoor bike is being protected from the wear and tear of constant attachment and detachment from trainers. A smart bike lets your road weapon rest peacefully and safely while you clock up those indoor kilometers.

Adjusts to everyone and everything

Of course, in some households, both partners and even the kids might be in on the indoor cycling act. This usually requires laboriously juggling bikes on and off the shared smart trainer, or owning so many trainers that your home starts resembling the local fitness studio.

Smart bikes offer a much more user-friendly solution. Switching between users is a breeze: just mark or remember your personalized measurement numbers and you can adjust saddle and handlebar height and fore/aft in seconds, making it almost effortless to share the same smart bike with multiple family members.

That adjustability has another benefit. Bikes like the TrueKinetix TrueBike can integrate additions such as tribars, for example; so, whether your next race is a triathlon, a fondo, a time trial or a gravel tour, you can set up your smart bike to match the geometry of your outdoor race bike for the most efficient indoor riding.

Let’s once again highlight that smart bikes are made expressly for indoor riding in a way that an outdoor bike mounted to an indoor trainer isn’t. By reducing all other variables, smart bike manufacturers can create trainers that are much more accurate and able to generate more resistance. This makes them better suited to innovative software updates, such as TrueKinetix’s recent roll-out of virtual oval gearing, too, helping riders to get much more from their smart bike than just training.

Of course, modern smart trainers are powerful and useful training tools. But, if convenience, precision and performance are key considerations for you, then the smart bike sits at the very top of the pile. As you weigh your options, ask yourself whether the simplicity, durability, and tailored design that a smart bike brings could make it the right choice for you.

If you’re interested to learn more about the industry’s most innovative smart bike, take a look here.

De Nieuwe Generatie: TrueForce Technology

Het is dus duidelijk dat trainers in de loop der jaren zijn verbeterd op het gebied van weggevoel, nauwkeurigheid, reactievermogen en connectiviteit. Rijden op de nieuwste elektromagnetische trainers is onherkenbaar beter dan trappen op een van die oude wiel-op-vloeistof trainers. Maar wat is de volgende stap? Hoe kunnen renners een nog beter weggevoel en responsiviteit krijgen om hun rijden te verbeteren en hun indoor training nog efficiënter te maken?

De TrueBike en TrueTrainer onderscheiden zich op de markt door hun TrueForce Technology. Deze tweede generatie kracht-genererende technologie maakt komaf met het vliegwiel en gebruikt in plaats daarvan een krachtige motor en slimme robotica voor een uniek en innovatief weerstandsmechanisme. Dit elimineert de problemen die geassocieerd worden met traditionele weerstandsmethoden en creëert een meer authentieke fietservaring, zodat je precies dezelfde spieren aanspant bij het beklimmen van de Alpe du Zwift als bij het trotseren van de Alpe d’Huez.

Met een groeiende indoor cycling industrie hebben wielrenners nu een breed scala aan weerstandsopties. Of je nu de voorkeur geeft aan de eenvoud van basisweerstand, de interactiviteit van slimme trainers, of het revolutionaire TrueForce Technology, je kunt nu je indoor fietservaring aanpassen aan jouw voorkeuren en trainingsbehoeften.

Lees meer over de wetenschap achter TrueForce Technology en ontdek hoe je jouw indoor training naar een hoger niveau kunt tillen.