Lars Vreugdenhil: ‘I like the TrueBike for the short interval sets’

Lars Vreugedenhil is owner of Amsterdam Sports Events and also the organizer of the TRI HARD Series. “I am an example of someone who made his hobby his job, so sports is a very important part of my life.”

Lars loves tirathlon

Which sports performance are you proud of?
“Since 2013 I have organized more than 40 triathlons with an enthusiastic team and many other (sports) events. I’m always proud of all those hundreds of athletes that I see cross the finish line with us, because I know everyone has their own story. My own best sports performance so far was last year, when I squeezed out a sub 10 hours during my first full distance triathlon. Challenge Roth is one of the greatest triathlons in the world, so getting over the finish line in 9.46 hours on my first attempt gave me a big boost.”

What big or small goals would you like to achieve?
“After this ‘Corona year,’ we all want to get back to the normal life as soon as possible. Working together again, training, racing, and socializing. Hopefully, we will still organize some nice sports events and triathlons, and in September I will be at the start of the Ironman Hamburg. That is my A-Race for this year and I’m so looking forward to it!”

How did you experience the first introduction to TrueKinetix?
“Beautiful design and a good story behind the product. I wanted to know more about that.”

What was your first reaction when you tried the TrueBike for the first time?
“Honesty compels me to say that, except for a Wattbike, I had never been on an indoor bike or Tacx. The reason for that is that, if possible, I prefer to cycle and train outside. But the TrueBike immediately felt good and familiar, as if I was pedaling on an ordinary bike.”

How do you notice that the TrueBike helps you improve your training performance?
“For the short interval sets, I like the TrueBike. When it rains I can keep on training, and that’s a plus of course.”

Lars rated the TrueBike

The TrueBike: 4 from 5 stars
TrueKinetix support: 5 from 5 stars
Would you recommend the TrueBike to a friend? Yes

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