Jorrit Kelderman: ‘With the TrueBike I don’t feel numb after each session’

Jorrit is married, the father of two children (12 and 10 years old), and a fanatic cycling hobbyist. Cycling enables him to reflect, stay fit, and please his result-oriented inner.


Which sports performance are you proud of?
“Golden time Marmotte (1x), Golden time Les 3 Ballons (2x), Styrkeproven (543km) under 20 hours.”

What big or small goals would you like to achieve?
“GBDuro (an unsupported bike-packing race of 2,000km through the UK), and the Mont Ventoux under 1:30 hours.”

How did you first experience TrueKinetix?
“I loved the passion and enthusiasm of the founders.”

What was your first reaction when you tried the TrueBike for the first time?
“This is cycling!”

Did you encounter problems with your previous training solution that you don’t have with the TrueBike?
“I was less eager to get on the previous indoor trainer because I felt numb after each session.”

How do you notice that the TrueBike helps you to improve your training performance?
“The hurdle to get on TrueBike is much lower than my previous indoor trainer. With a busy job, busy family life, the TrueBike give me needed flexibility. I like to do fun races and workouts on Zwift with the TrueBike.”

Jorrit about his TrueBike

The TrueBike: 5 from 5 stars
TrueKinetix support: 5 from 5 stars
Would you recommend the TrueBike to a friend? Yes

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