How to make Strava segments: Beat your friends during your solo ride

Zwift is not the only solution to beat your friends. You can beat them outdoors too, even during your solo ride. How? You can make your own segments in Strava.

Group ride strava TrueBike

We will explain how to make your own segments. For example, we made the TrueKinetix Road in Strava. This segment is located on the road next to our office.

Step 1. Log in to your Strava account on the desktop version

You can’t make segments with Strava’s mobile app, so log-in with desktop on your laptop/tablet/PC.

Step 2. Choose an activity to make a segment

You can only make a segment from the activities you already did. At first, you go to > profile > scroll down to see your different activities > click on a route you did > scroll down to see all the existing segments > click on the button below on the left ‘create a new segment’.

Step 3. Create the new Strava segments

Now you get a very nice overview of your activity. To select your new segment, you can choose a start point and an endpoint. Below you’ll see where the points are marked on the map. Very easy! Are you happy with your selection? Click on the button: ‘next’. Strava will check if there’s already an existing segment. This is a nice feature because that means that your segment will always be unique!

Step 4. Name your segment

If Strava accepts your unique segment, you can name it. You can choose if you want a private or public segment. It’s fun to make it public, so you can share it with the whole Strava community. Give it an original name that’s fun for other cyclists too.

Step 5. Race!

You can challenge your Strava friends by invitation. Select the segment and click on the button ‘challenge’. Your friends will receive a notification in their Strava account.

Become faster on the bike

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