Five TrueBike features that will revolutionize your indoor cycling experience

At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself whether you’re getting the most out of your indoor cycling experience. Are you maximizing training efficiency? Are you using the right gearing? And, most importantly of all, is there anything you can do to make those indoor sessions more comfortable and enjoyable?

Fortunately, indoor training tech has come a long way in a short amount of time. Training apps like Zwift and accessories like fans can certainly help improve your experience but, in our opinion, nothing will revolutionize your indoor riding quite as much as a TrueBike. Of course, we would say that, but let’s dive into some of the TrueBike’s most impactful features and you can decide whether you can afford to be without one.

1. No flywheel

The flywheel on a traditional trainer is a massive 10 to 20 times too light to offer a realistic cycling experience. The TrueBike ditches the outdated flywheel in favor of a powerful motor and robotics which adapt an incredible 10,000 times per second. The result is a more engaging, enjoyable and true-to-life cycling experience which ensures you train the right muscles, so you can take your indoor gains outdoors. Learn more about the science here.

TrueBike virtual gears

2. Virtual and oval gears for ultimate customization

We’ve all had that frustrating experience of trying to smash out an interval only to find ourselves between gears. Drop down the cassette and your legs spin like the Road Runner. Hit a harder gear and it feels like you’re doing leg presses at the gym. Well, that issue is no more with the TrueBike’s virtual gears feature.

You can access 400 virtual gear sets from the TrueKinetix app meaning just about every chainring and cassette combo you can imagine is now at your fingertips, without ever having to change the physical cassette that comes with the TrueBike. Not only does this improve your indoor riding but you can play around and experiment indoors to decide which ring and cassette would best match your riding style outdoors, without spending thousands on having the local bike shop set you up with a range of different components. 

Always wondered whether oval chainrings could be the missing ingredient for your riding? Again, the TrueBike can provide a virtual oval chainring experience so you can try inside before you buy outside.

3. Built-in rocking motion for natural comfort

All cyclists have had to deal with saddle sores at some point and indoor riding seems to bring them out twice as fast as cycling outdoors. That’s because indoor riding tends to be so much less dynamic than riding outdoors. Inside, your bike is locked into the trainer; whereas outside, you constantly make micro adjustments that relieve the pressure as you climb out the saddle or your bike moves side to side.

That’s precisely why the TrueBike is designed with a built-in, natural rocking motion. The flexible and lightweight frame and shock absorber-like feet allow dynamic side-to-side movements, alleviating saddle soreness and activating your core muscles for added stability and training efficiency. Now, you can ride comfortably for longer and more often without those dreaded saddle sores ruining the experience.

4. A truly connected experience

These days, indoor cycling is a truly technology-driven experience and riders need to now that their various sensors are all syncing up seamlessly with their favorite training app, watch and bike computer. TrueBike’s connectivity features are a game-changer in that regard. The TrueTrainer offers both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity for connecting to every possible device.

Zwift fans are especially well catered for as the TrueBike has Zwift-over-WIFI for a stable connection, as well as an ERG soft start feature which gives smoother transitions between intervals. So now all you need to worry about is whether to ride Watopia, Richmond or London.

TrueBike - racefietsblog

5. Light on weight, heavy on convenience

Chances are that your cycling trainer needs to occasionally be moved to make space for working from home or for visiting family. The lack of heavy flywheel and addition of convenient wheels make the TrueBike a doddle to move around the house or store away.

Plus, you’ll get through a session or two on just the TrueBike stored battery power, so you can get your training done even if you have to move it to a location without a convenient socket. Why not take advantage of a sunny day to wheel it out into the garden and smash out some intervals in the fresh air?

In conclusion, if you’re really attached to your current home trainer, you can probably live without these incredible features. But if a more realistic, efficient, convenient and pain-free indoor cycling experience sounds like all your Christmases arriving at once, just know that smart bikes and smart trainers have moved on and you no longer have to be confined by the limitations of traditional trainers.

Maybe it’s time to check out the TrueBike or its sister product the TrueTrainer.