Erik: ‘Seven percent is really seven percent’

“You can share this trainer very well. It has a guest account, so you only have to lower the saddle.” 

Reader Eric (53) grabbed testing the TrueBike with both hands. “The climbing is really nice and stable. You can stand safely and carefree on the pedals, whereas with a normal cycle trainer you can’t really do that,” he says. The resident of Midden-Beemster (NL) decided to place the TrueBike in the kitchen.

Normally his setup is in his barn. He received the bike trainer the Monday after Christmas and he tested the equipment more than six times. “The main difference is that in terms of resistance with the TrueBike, you immediately interact with the app you’re using. You feel every tenth of a percentage increase immediately. An incline of seven percent is really seven percent. If you don’t change gears in time, you come to a standstill. Really confronting,” he laughs.

He wants to use TrueBike to learn to climb better, so he can participate in Alpe d’HuZes this summer. “I cycled more on it in the time I had it than I had on my own setup. Because it was in the kitchen, it was even easier to get on it.”

He also saw a practical advantage. “This bike doesn’t give you any smears or messes, which is why it could be so good in the house. The TrueBike is much more user-friendly. In the winter period, this trainer is ideal for staying level, because you can train very specifically with all the data. Also for non-pros like me.”

Eric trained pieces on the virtual Stelvio and Alpe d’Huez, among others. But he wasn’t the only one using the TrueBike. His partner Michelle also used it three times. “You can share this trainer very well. It has a guest account, so you only have to lower the saddle. It’s faster than using your regular bike because the measurements are on the Truebike’s bar,” he indicates. “In terms of use, I think the TrueBike is fantastic. For the price, although you can also buy two separate bikes, it is realistic concerning what you get in return.”