5 tips to prevent cycling injuries this year

To help you reach all your goals for 2020 we would like to offer you some tips to prevent injuries.

Top 5 injury prevention

1. Make sure your (indoor) bike is properly adjusted

The size of your indoor bike is as important as the size of your outdoor bike. The wrong adjustments mean you are straining your neck and back. If you’re worried about injuries, ask for advice in a bike shop.

2. Choose the right saddle

Which saddle is best for you depends on your training scheme and goal. Don’t go for a soft and wide saddle if you’re planning to train for long-distance rides.

3. Take good care of your cycling clothes

The right cycling clothes prevent skin problems, so skip the cotton underpants. Don’t wash your cycling clothes with fabric softener, because that’s not good for the quality of your sportswear.

4. Don’t forget warming up and cooling down

Your muscles need to warm up, especially in winter. Are you cycling indoors? Remember you still need a warm-up to train better. The cooling down will help you recover faster.

5. Build up carefully

We are very enthusiastic about cycling too but remember: If you train too hard, you’ll be vulnerable to injuries. Take some time to recover.

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