5 inspirational triathlon movies we love

How do other triathletes prepare for the big day? We collected five must-watch movies about triathletes who are willing to do anything to get over the finish line.

Triathlon movies

1. The man with the Halo

Tim Don is a triathlon World Champion. He wants to crush the Ironman World Championships in 2017, but two days before the race he is hit by a truck. He broke his neck, but manages to fully recover, with a halo.

2. 100 meters

Ramón is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (a disease on the central nervous system). He is told he will not be able to walk a hundred meters. However, his father-in-law trains him for a long-distance triathlon. Based on the true story of Ramón Arroyo.

3. The Last Mile

This documentary follows four triathletes with very unique struggles.

4. The Journey

A short movie about Joe. He wasn’t fit at all, and decides to start doing triathlons. After nine years of hard work, he races in a full Ironman.

5. We are Triathletes

This documentary tells the stories of six different triathletes. What drives them, and how do they make it?