5 indoor cycling apps to make your training more exciting

Are you a big fan of Zwift? As you probably already know, it’s not the only platform available. We were interested in other indoor cycling apps on the market and therefore made a summary.

1. Rouvy

Through augmented reality, it seems as though you are cycling through real-life videos, making it more realistic than Zwift. With Rouvy, you can choose from a career mode to improve your athletic performance, and challenges to compete against other avid cyclists. The challenges are different from those in Zwift since Rouvy is less popular. Rouvy costs only €13.99, and the trial period consists of 2 weeks.

2. Zwift

The biggest advantage is that you will never ride alone in this virtual world. Zwift is a large online community, partially made up of professional cyclists. You only pay €14.99 per month and the trial period consists of 7 days of free riding.

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3. Trainerroad

If you want to seriously train indoors and have a specific goal in mind, then Trainerroad is ideal for improving your athletic performance. Unfortunately, the platform is not as visually or socially exciting as Zwift, but it is more focused on achieving results. You pay approximately €14.50 per month, and the trial period consists of 30 days of free riding.


Bkool has a large number of routes to keep it interesting for the die-hard cyclists. It is also very easy to connect your trainer to the program, and you pay relatively little for a subscription, as you only pay €9.99 per month, and the trial period consists of 30 days of free riding.

5. Fulgaz

Unfortunately, you can’t always ride outside, but when you use Fulgaz, indoor cycling and outdoor cycling become very similar. The video quality of this program is 4k, so you can immerse yourself completely in your bike ride. The program is also very easy to use and very accessible to everyone. To have a Fulgaz subscription, it costs €10.99 per month, and the trial period consists of 14 days.

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