2 new Strava features we absolutely love

There are two new features in the Strava app. They’ll give you more insights into your fitness.

Strava tips

45 million people are using Strava. We’re not surprised: The app is very user-friendly to train with and you can follow the most interesting athletes. These new features are making the app even more interesting:

1. Perceived Exertion

The first feature asks you to rank every activity afterwards. How did the training feel? You give your exercise a grade from 1 to 10. For example, 7 stands for ‘being outside of my comfort zone.’ This new feature gives you a more personal insight into your training.

Free to use for every Strava member

2. Fitness tool

The fitness tool works along with the previous feature. This second tool gives you even more insights into your fitness during the last period. It calculates the effect of a rest day and of an extra intense exercise, and it will tell you when you are pushing too hard.

Only available for Summit members


Strava is a great application with unique features such as: Perceived Exertion and the Fitness tool. The program is very helpful to keep track of your sporting performances. It’s very easy to use and fun.