Zwift Nederland reviews the TrueBike Base

We got another great review! The Founder of the Dutch Zwift community ‘Zwift Nederland’ tried out the TrueBike Base and wrote an overwhelmingly positive review. Read the full review in this blog.

  • I first set the TrueBike to the right size by adjusting the saddle and handlebars, which is a piece of cake (and useful if you want to share the trainer with more than one person)
  • The TrueBike Base is an ideal solution that is ready to start all year round, without the need to build up, purchase a second bike, or mount your expensive carbon bike on a direct drive trainer.
  • The trainer is delivered to your home by TrueKinetix and can be wheeled right into my paincave (the indoor garage in my case 😉 ) thanks to the wheels on the back.
  • You can specify the crank length at the time of purchase, so the right crank is already on it. Just need to put the pedals on, connect the trainer to power (which is not necessarily necessary) and install the TrueKinetix app. The TrueBike is ready to ride within 30 minutes!
  • The TrueBike Base takes up very little space, much less than I need with my road bike on a direct drive trainer and that’s great, especially if the training space you have is limited.
  • The big difference from other trainers is the TrueForce technology. The TrueBike does not use a flywheel like many other trainers, but a powerful motor and smart robotics to create the ultimate cycling feeling. Cycling on the TrueBike feels smooth and more natural. The force on the pedals feels more like the outdoors.
  • All in all, cycling on the TrueBike Base feels less tiring and I can more easily stay on the bike longer. It’s very nice for when I want to do a long indoor endurance ride during dark cold days.

Do you want to read the full review? You can read it in the facebook group of Zwift Nederland. Note, you have to be a member of the group and it’s written in Dutch.

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