TrueKinetix is one of MT/Sprout’s Top 50 Challengers

Recently, MT/Sprout listed us as one of the 50 challenger companies, indicating that we are one of the promising companies in the tech industry. We feel very delighted to have been mentioned, and this recognition will help us to reach our goals further.

MT/Sprout is an online platform for entrepreneurs and leaders that has been helping numerous entrepreneurs and leaders grow their businesses for the past decades. The two businesses (Marketing Team & Sprout) have joined forces to create one platform for business leaders and entrepreneurs. The company creates content about the most relevant companies on a wide variety of branches. It’s the perfect blog to read online to get more insight into the current market and the latest innovations.

We created a smart indoor trainer that differentiates itself from other devices. The electrical engine that’s on our bike is controlled by software that generates resistance, so you as a cyclist have to deliver more or less power. We find it important that your training is efficient, so with our TrueForce Technology we make sure that you train the right muscle group.

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