‘The TrueTrainer is very realistic’

“especially at higher resistances – i.e. during interval and high-intensity units”

The German cycling magazine Rennrad reviewed the TrueTrainer 6.2.  Discover why the TrueTrainer 6.2 takes your cycling to new heights by reading the highlights of this review.

  • The chassis is very high quality: the elastomer feet and the specially designed frame allow for a lot of realistic movement.
  • Countless variations can be set using the app. Your own racing bike has a gear ratio of 11-28? No problem. Is a 12-40 mounted on the gravel bike? That is also no problem. The TrueTrainer is extremely compatible.
  • On the one hand, the device is really lightweight despite its very good internal values. With a weight of 15 kilograms, it is around a third lighter than a Wahoo Kickr – and therefore significantly easier to transport
  • (..) the system allows you to shift gears using your own shift levers and at the same time choose any gradation. This means that the trainer is compatible with all training platforms despite having the same goal approach as Zwift.
  • The driving experience is comparatively very realistic, especially at higher resistances – i.e. during interval and high-intensity units.

Would you like to read the full article? You can find it on the website of Rennrad Magazine, originally written in German.