GRINTA! Magazine’s TrueBike review

The Belgian Road Cycling magazine ‘Grinta’ has reviewed and written an amazing article about our TrueBike. Read here the highlights.

  • ‘With other trainers, the flywheel provides just a little extra suppleness, and that’s missing from the TrueBike. But that’s just positive.’
  • ‘The motor provides the right resistance from the very first pedal stroke.’
  • You quickly notice that on the TrueBike you are training other muscles. Muscles that you also use during a normal outdoor ride on the road. And you feel that when you have done a few solid workouts on the TrueBike back on the road.’
  • The TrueBike displays all the data the cyclist needs, and even much more than that.’
  • ‘We’ve also reviewed the Wahoo Kickr Bike and we found that it makes the hours of indoor training work fly by. However, if you want to train in a more dedicated way and improve tremendously, then the TrueBike will be the right indoor trainer for you.’
Read the full review here (Dutch). Want to learn more about the TrueBike? Visit our products page or request our free information kit.

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