Futurumshop reviews the TrueTrainer

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TrueTrainer the smart direct-drive bike trainer of TrueKinetix
  • The TrueTrainer is compatible with digital programs such as Zwift and without the usage of any extern software programs the TrueTrainer can already measure your; heartbeat, cadence, wattage and time period.
  •  There’s a powerful electronical motor connected to the TrueTrainer which measures how much resistance it has to deliver for optimal training.
  • The TrueTrainer weighs only 15kg which is far less than any similar products. The trainer is also compact and easily adjustable to make it fit in any room.
  • One of the unique features of the TrueTrainer is that it has ‘Virtual Gears’ The cassette that comes with the trainer which is a 11-25 and with using the app you can change the settings of the chainring and cassette. There are about 400 different options.
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