De Volkskrant about the TrueBike

The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant has written a very nice review about the TrueBike! These are the 5 most significant quotes from the Volkskrant article. 


– ‘The TrueBike fulfils the company’s most important claim: this feels like riding outside on your road bike

– ‘With another smart trainer, you can give the flywheel a whirl by using force to make an incomplete pedal stroke’

– ‘Because the TrueBike’s robot provides resistance throughout the pedaling motion, you are applying force at every moment of that motion’

‘The upper body swings back and forth, the “frame” moves with it, but the base frame holds the whole bike in place. With a racing bike firmly attached to an indoor trainer, it’s almost impossible to do something like that.’

‘Five housemates can use their personal settings on the TrueBike. Saddle and handlebar height can be changed easily. The TrueBike, they say at TrueKinetix, that’s actually five road bikes for the price of one’

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