DC Rainmaker TrueBike in-depth review

DC Rainmaker published the in-depth review of the TrueBike. It’s very comprehensive. Good to read during a long endurance ride! If you have less time, you can read the highlights in this blog.

DC Rainmaker on the TrueBike

Photo: DC Rainmaker

DC Rainmaker about the TrueBike

  • ‘It’s a solid bike that most riders would be happy with, and sure, like every single first generation smart bikes has a few quirks or things that could be polished – but none of them are show-stoppers
  • Overall at the hardware level, the TrueBike is actually fairly competitive to most bikes
  • The TrueBike packs an astounding amount of 2nd-gen features into a 1st-gen bike
  • Longer term though, I have a funny feeling we’ll see TrueKinetix move faster than Wahoo in adding features’

Things DC Rainmaker didn’t like:

  • ‘The lack of gear customization isn’t as good as it could be
  • The stock front headtube is pretty short, especially for Dutch riders (but they have other custom sizes available)
  • ERG mode stability’

We will keep you informed about developments in these areas. Read the review to see all the things that didn’t appeal to him.

Things DC Rainmaker liked:

  • ‘Delivery experience is as easy as it gets – they roll it into your home, and you do nothing except create an account/pin
  • No frame to thigh rubbing anywhere, easily fits me and my thighs (some other bikes rub)
  • It’s the *ONLY* open-standards bike in this category with WiFi that magically updates itself just like your phone
  • The shifting here is quick and responsive – and I like that’

Head to the review to read all the things that appealed to him.

He is impressed with Zwift:

DC Rainmaker is impressed that we implemented Zwift steering so quickly: ‘What I do know though is that a small startup company managed to implement the spec in a few days, test it, and have it working. And a company with a recent $500 million dollar investment round continues to ghost virtually every hardware company in the business when it comes to new features.’

We’re so proud!

We are very proud that DC Rainmaker, so soon after the launch of our TrueBike, writes such an extensive review about us and compares us directly with world leaders such as Wahoo.

Curious? Try the TrueBike for yourself!

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