DC Rainmaker’s First Look at the TrueTrainer

DC Rainmaker (US Blogger & Youtuber) wrote an in-depth article about the TrueTrainer. Read here the 3 innovations DC Rainmaker loves!

  • ‘This trainer has a slate of things we simply haven’t seen before on other smart trainers. It’s got integrated WiFi, an HDMI port with a built-in training app, virtual gearing (in a trainer – we’ve only seen that in bikes), and even a USB port for powering whatever it is you need to power.’
  • Over wifi (…) so this would be the first company to leverage it natively in a trainer – which is great. And more importantly, all of the main trainer app companies have adopted this already, so the infrastructure is mostly ready to start seeing usage.’
  • ‘Now the main thing on the TrueKinetix bike is their True Force technology, which aims to mimic the outdoor ride feel by using an actual motor inside. That concept is carried over here to the TrueTrainer. I gave things a quick whirl out on the show floor, and it felt good.’
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