Recently Bicycling, a cycling magazine has had an interview with Anna van der Breggen which was a top tier professional cyclist and is now currently one of our ambassadors/investors of our company. Bicycling is a Dutch-owned company that writes magazines about the latest news in the cycling world. The magazine is distinguishable in every way with special stories, exclusive reports, and excluding characteristics.

Olympic Champion Anna van der Breggen

Our TrueForce technology has recently won a prestigious award in the tech industry (CES Innovation Awards 2023). The TrueBike generates resistance through robotics and a remarkable strong electrical engine.

‘The TrueForce technology that was created in partnership with TU Delft and TU Eindhoven is possibly the best indoortrainer out on the open market currently’

What is the key difference between the TrueBike and other indoortrainers? 

‘The most noticeable difference is the resistance that the TrueBike delivers, which makes it feel like you’re really cycling’ Other indoor trainers make use of a flywheel which doesn’t deliver the preferred resistance that the TrueBike does deliver.

Would you like to try out our TrueBike just like Anna van der Breggen? Come by for a test ride at our test center, or look into our other locations.