TrueBike videos

We would love to tell you everything about the Truebike. Who better to tell this than the founder of the ultimate indoor bike?

Meet the TrueBike

In the video below founder Bas tells you why he invented the TrueBike.

Introducing the TrueBike in detail

Indoor cycling can be a lot better than it is today. Bas van Rens will explain everything about the TrueBike and its TrueForce Technology.

Introducing the TrueBike

3 Reasons to develop the TrueBike

Indoor cycling can be a lot better than it is today. Founder Bas van Rens gives you 3 reasons why he developed the TrueBike.

TrueBike vs. other indoor bikes

What’s the big difference between the TrueBike and other indoor bikes?

Why a complete bike and not a trainer?

The TrueBike is a ready-to-go smart bike that allows you to start your ride whenever you like.

Design of the TrueBike

The TrueBike feels and looks like a road bike: electrical shifters, a well-designed bike frame and an aero handlebar.

Adjusting your TrueBike

The TrueBike is fully configurable to your body. Adjust the saddle and handlebars for a smart bike that fits you exactly.

Indoor climbing on the TrueBike

Train indoors to get better in mountain stages in the summer.

Show me the data

On-screen trainingdata. 30+ metrics including: power, left/right balance, cadence and heart rate, distance, time, elevation, velocity, etc.

Most sustainable indoor bike

We all have an impact on the environment. So, we use recycled plastics as much as we can and the energy you generate is given back to the bike.

How to videos

Setup the TrueBike app

Truekinetix also has an app. Setting up the TrueBike app is really easy. You can download it from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

TrueBike app walkthrough

TrueBike app walkthrough with founder Bas van Rens. Connect the TrueBike with your WIFI, smart devices, and manage your bike and training data.

Get started with your TrueBike

Ready to use your TrueBike? Watch the video below to see how you setup the TrueBike. Do you need any help? Contact us.

Setup your TrueBike with Zwift

Connect your TrueBike with Zwift. Follow the steps in the video below.
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What’s in the box? 

When you order a TrueBike you will get a complete indoor bike.