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The TrueBike weighs 42 kg / 92.6 lbs.

On the bike you can shift between 53 and 36 for the front chain ring. Keep in mind that the shifting is done virtually by the robot, so the bike has no gears, derailleurs and/or cables that love care and attention to keep them from wearing out on you. Easy does it.

The rear sprocket can be shifted virtually between the following chain rings: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23. As with the front sprocket this is done by the robot in software so your chain line is always optimal and there are no gear derailleurs that can wear out.

You'll be riding a 2 x 11 indoor cycle.

Yes, you can mount your own saddle, handle bars and pedals. The TrueBike will be delivered with its basic setup. You can transfer the brake levers to any handle bar you want. Just plug the shifting cables into the control unit and you're good to go.

The TrueBike Home edition will take you up to 1500 Watt.

When delivering the first TrueBikes, an installation guide will be provided. But it is pretty straightforward: adjust your handle bars up and away from you. Adjust your saddle up and forward/backward and start pedalling.

You'll have two years of warranty.