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The TrueBike weighs 42 kg / 92.6 lbs.

The weight limit is 150 kg.

Yes, you can mount your own saddle and pedals. The TrueBike will be delivered with its basic setup and the handlebars you choose.

Good question! You will need 2 Allen keys: nr 4 and 8 to change the saddle: 1. Use the Allen key nr 8 to unscrew the big screw on the right or left side of the saddle *pin *? IS "PIN" correct? 2. Take the saddle off the bike. Underneath the saddle you will see 2 screws. Use Allen key nr 4 to unscrew them till you can take the saddle out of the block. 3. Now you can change your saddle and put it back into place on your TrueBike.

To change the angle of your saddle you will need an Allen key nr 4. Partly loosen the screws underneath your saddle pointing forwards and backwards. After releasing the tension, you can change the position of the saddle by pulling or pushing it as you wish. If you have found the right position, use the Allen key to fix the screws.

The display is included in the price of your TrueBike. Only pedals are not included.

Yes. You can use the box to get on your bike easily.

On the bike you can shift between 53 and 36 for the front chain ring. Keep in mind that the shifting is done virtually by the robot, so the bike has no gears, derailleurs and/or cables that love care and attention to keep them from wearing out on you. Easy does it.

To be able to use the display, the battery charger and HDMI cables should be connected. Please check the back of the screen to ensure the cables are correctly connected to your screen.

The rear sprocket can be shifted virtually between the following chain rings: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23. As with the front sprocket this is done by the robot in software so your chain line is always optimal and there are no gear derailleurs that can wear out.

You'll be riding a 2 x 11 indoor bicycle.

Yes, you can mount your own saddle, handlebars and pedals. The TrueBike will be delivered with its basic setup. You can transfer the brake levers to any handlebar you want. Just plug the shifting cables into the control unit and you're good to go.

The TrueBike Home edition will take you up to 1500 Watt.

Yes, your TrueBike can handle your sweat perfectly. After your training, use a damp cleaning cloth to clean the TrueBike and make it shine again for the next training.

Yes, you can train without connecting the battery charger to your TrueBike, but we recommend to use the battery charger for every training. Depending on the type and intensity of your training, the TrueBike will use more or less power. You will get a warning when the battery is low, but if this occurs during a workout, you do not want to have to get off the bike and find the charger. To prevent having to interrupt your training, please connect the charger at all times.

You do not need the internet to train on your TrueBike. We do recommend connecting to the internet because the data collected during the training will be synchronised to your app.

All the workouts that you saved can be found in 'History' on the bike. When your TrueBike is connected to your internet, you can see all the data in your True Athletes account.

I can't get my TrueBike connected to my Wifi network. To connect your TrueBike to your Wifi network, please follow the next steps: 1. Make sure your Wifi is turned on and your TrueBike is in the Wifi area 2. Go to the System Settings of your TrueBike and go to 'Select Network' 3. Your TrueBike will search for your Wifi, just wait for a second 4. Select your Wifi network from the list, press Enter and fill in the Wifi password. 5. Press Enter and now your TrueBike is connected! Still having problems with connecting? Restart your TrueBike and try again. If it still doesn't work, please contact us

Yes. Zwift can be used in Inclination or ERG (Power) mode, both modes can be used with the TrueBike.

When delivering the first TrueBikes, an installation guide will be provided. But it is pretty straightforward: adjust your handle bars up and away from you. Adjust your saddle up and forward/backward and start pedalling.

You'll have two years of warranty.