The TrueBike weighs 42 kg / 92.6 lbs.
Yes, you can mount your own saddle and pedals. The TrueBike will be delivered with its basic setup and the handlebars you choose.
The display is included in the price of your TrueBike. Only pedals are not included.
The TrueBike Home edition will take you up to 1500 Watt.
Yes, you can train without connecting the battery charger to your TrueBike, but we recommend to use the battery charger for every training. Depending on the type and intensity of your training, the TrueBike will use more or less power. You will get a warning when the battery is low, but if this occurs during a workout, you do not want to have to get off the bike and find the charger. To prevent having to interrupt your training, please connect the charger at all times.
The TrueBike has the following dimensions:
– Width (of the base frame): 57cm.
– Handlebar width: 45cm.
– Length (without screen holder): 100 to 110cm
– Length (including screen and screen holder): 162cm
– Height (without saddle and/or handlebars): 80cm
To turn the bike off, you have two options:
1. Via the ‘Quit’ button on the screen
2. Via the on/off button on the side of the TrueBike
Doesn’t the TrueBike turn off? Then hold the button on the side of the bike until the bike turns off.

Yes. External programs can be used in Inclination or ERG (Power) mode, both modes can be used with the TrueBike. To do so, follow the following steps:
1. Turn on the TrueBike and go into Train mode.
2. Turn on the external program and go to the screen where you can connect with trainers
3. In the list of trainers in your program, find the TrueBike. The TrueBike is represented by the word TrueBike followed by a number.
4. Connect in the program with the TrueBike
5. On the TrueBike, accept the popup that asks if you want to connect to an external program
6. Press Start and you are ready to train!

Does the WIFI sign on the TrueBIke show a red cross? Then check the following:
1. Is your wifi modem on?
2. Is the password entered correct?
Still having problems with connecting? Restart your TrueBike and try again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.

Does the WIFI sign on the TrueBike show an orange question mark? This means your bike is searching for WIFI or the WIFI is not strong enough.
1. Wait a moment to see if the orange question mark disappears
2. If the question mark does not disappear, check the following:
– Is the TrueBike close enough to your WIFI modem?
– Is the internet from your WIFI modem strong enough?
Still having problems with connecting? Restart your TrueBike and try again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.

All the workouts that you saved can be found in ‘History’ on the bike. When your TrueBike is connected to your internet, you can see all the data in your True Athletes account.

You do not need the internet to train on your TrueBike. We do recommend connecting to the internet because the data collected during the training will be synchronised to your app.

You can connect both Bluetooth devices and ANT+.

You can change your PIN at any time in Profile of your TrueAthletes account. The pin consists of a 4 digit code. Have you forgotten your pin? Then just create a new one!

In your TrueAthletes account, you can choose your own gearset. To do this, go to ‘Profile’ on the TrueAthletes website. Then at the bottom of this page, under ‘More Settings’, click ‘Manage TrueBikes’. You can set your own TrueBike configurations here.
Have fun personalizing!

You’ll have two years of warranty.

We are happy to get in touch with you! We can be reached at:
– Email:
– WhatsApp: +31 6 48 36 30 19
– Phone: +31 6 48 36 30 19