Lack of cycling motivation? Set new goals that are Corona-proof

Lack of cycling motivation? Set new goals that are Corona-proof

Your triathlons or cycling competitions are canceled. Big bummer for your cycling motivation. How do you keep yourself motivated?

Get your cycling motivation back: Choose another kind of goal

When it’s your goal to become better and faster than last season, it’s good idea to keep these goals in mind for next year. You don’t have to do a competition, and you need to keep enough distance from other cyclists and hikers. It’s not as easy to do whatever you like. That doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing training sessions.

Try to focus more on nature while cycling

Now you don’t have to set new times, make a stop more often. Take a picture to post on your Strava account later. In other words: Try to enjoy it in a different way.

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Try new things during your indoor training

Indoors you can still do all the training you planned to do, but it’s also a good opportunity to take some time and try out new apps and training methods.

Cycling motivation from other cyclists

On different cyclists tell how they got their motivation back, in their own unique way.

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